Trade and economic development strategy for Russia and EAEU discussed at the Gaidar Forum

The expert discussion, Trade and Economic Development Strategy for Russia and EAEU in the Current Context, held during the Gaidar Forum at RANEPA focused on promoting Russia’s interests in the WTO, the export potential development methods the EAEU offers, and the possibility of using trade policy as an economic growth tool.

The discussion moderator, Director of the Center for International Trade Studies Alexander Knobel, said, “Our main task is to accelerate economic growth. Therefore, Russia’s trade policy must make its own contribution to the country’s development.” The expert noted that the current trade model is fragmentary and unstable, so we need to develop a more structured system. He also mentioned the slow pace of global economic growth, and drew the participants’ attention to the fact that Russia’s growth rate is lower still.

In foreign trade, Russia’s main goals are to ensure systemic use of the WTO features and tools; to build a partnership between the state and business in the implementation of the foreign trade policy; and to apply the best international practices, he said.