The Russian Leaders told about personal advancement and effective management rules at the Gaidar Forum

Russia is following the open contest for new generation managers The Russian Leaders for more than one year. On January 16, at the 11th Gaidar Forum, at the Presidential Academy, finalists and winners of the intellectual competition shared their personal stories of success, doubts, fears and told why they threw down such a challenge for themselves. Larisa Katysheva, Discussion Moderator; Director, the Modern Communication Center, the Higher School of Public Administration, RANEPA, took the floor.

Participants of the meeting touched on various aspects of professional and personal development. Many of them came to the contest to try hand in public administration. Anzhelika Kuminova, Deputy Minister of Resorts, Tourism and Olympic Heritage of the Krasnodar Territory, highlighted four key differences of working in the public sphere as compared to the business: people do not always want to change themselves and change something around them; formal approach makes it impossible to focus on the content and just increases the decision-making periods; complex interdepartmental interaction; employment in public administration is not generally available. Nevertheless, the finalist claims: “I have changed the vector of my life very dramatically and I have no regrets. When you are working on the tasks that bring results not just to you and your employer in the long run, this is an incredible uplifting feeling!.”

Sergey Strigunenko, Director, Municipal Enterprise Khimki Urban District Architectural Planning Department, faced similar problems, when he tried to implement new management technologies in the entire urban district. His advice: use project thinking, because it enables the team to boost its qualification level.

Other speakers also spoke about teambuilding as the most critical skill of the modern leader. Ilya Shtokman, Director General, Vektor Group, noted: “Management is creation of conditions when people perform the work and the first person assumes the responsibility for it. A manager always may hire an assistant, someone who is better than he, and he should not be afraid of it. He shall tune routine processes inside the company, so that they do not prevent the organization from operation.”

Dmitry Afanasyev, Director General, First IT Alliance LLC, also reflected on what competences the first person should have. He noted that it is important to do business, developing the responsibility sense inside you, and to bring together same ambitious people around you, not to be a lone wolf.

Every leader has his recipe to develop personal qualities, participants of the session emphasized. For Daniil Zhilkin, Project Manager, Natsionalnaya SIM-Karta LLC, this is yachting sport that taught him to make decisions, to act in uncertainty, to demand and to retreat, to look for solutions and conquer fear. Andrey Karabanov, Business Partner, Severstal Management JSC, and Andrey Protopopov, Deputy Director General for General Affairs, Elektroshchit JSC, believe that the key success factor is sports, namely running. It helps someone formulate an inspiring goal, and for someone this is an opportunity to find a team of like-minded people.

However, Denis Irinich, Head, Cross-Functional Interaction Section, MGTS PJSC, made an appeal to be grateful to all who helped on the way to success. “Leadership is a result of great meticulous work of teachers and mentors,” he is sure. Dmitry Atamanov, Deputy CEO, Ava-Peter LLC, also shared his story. He took part in contest The Russian Leaders to be heard: his goal is to change the healthcare system, so that they told children about the health in a systematic and professional manner. “Consciousness, honesty and trust. It seems to me that these three principles are applicable not just to talking about children’s health, they are about responsibility as a whole. If I, as a leader, as a manager, want my subordinates to approach their job responsibly, I have to communicate the information to them in full, I must learn how to be honest with them, I must teach to trust them,” the speaker shared his opinion.

Maksim Zotov, Director General, Zakupochnye i Marketingovye Sistemy LLC, spoke about what can prevent a modern leader from being effective. He believes that today the problem of the lack of time is especially acute: bureaucracy, economical problems and even the way home and back: all this deprives the man of precious minutes and spends the budget.

Maria Litovko, Deputy Governor – Head of Government, Sevastopol, concluded the presentation of speakers. She demonstrated through her personal example that all barriers exist in our heads only and shared own formula of success: “It is hugely interesting and hugely important for me to do something for our country.”

Daria Kuraeva


The Gaidar Forum is held at the Presidential Academy under the auspices of the Government of the Russian Federation and in 11 years it has become one of the most respected expert venues, which traditionally sets the vector for public and scientific discussion at the beginning of each year. The organizers of the 11th Gaidar Forum are the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, the Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy, and the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia.

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