The Forum raised the issue of the efficiency of territory management within project activities

On January 17, an expert discussion “Estimate the Inestimable: Effective Territory Management within Project Activity” was held. In accordance with the main topic of the 10th Gaidar Forum, the problem is highly relevant, since it is directly related to the national development goals.

The moderator of the meeting, Anton Emelyanenko, project manager of the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia, outlined the main problems: what is the success of projects in the public sector? what motivation tools to choose for regional leaders to achieve strategic goals? how to plan achieving results and evaluate them? how to synchronize strategic goals along the “federal center - region - municipality” line?

The meeting began with a speech by Oleg Bilev, Director of the Center for Project Management at RANEPA. He noted that one of the main tasks that the state faces today is the implementation of national projects and the achievement of national goals. "We need to start doing something, based on the intended results," said the expert. “When making forecasts, we say that everything will be fine, but the important point is not to be afraid to talk about the problems that exist and interfere with our actions,” said Oleg Bilev. At the discussion, it was noted that an information system for monitoring national projects is being created, and it will include everything up to the details of a certain kindergarten construction. According to the expert, this system will be the only source of truth for all levels. It will save the authorities from unnecessary paperwork and allow seeing an objective picture of life in the regions.

During the discussion, there was a dispute about whether changes are needed in Federal Law No. 172 “On Strategic Planning in the Russian Federation”. Denis Gainulin, Deputy Director of the Department for Macroeconomic Analysis and Forecasting of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, said that no adjustments are expected, since the legal framework fully complies with the activities of the strategic planning system. Oleg Bilev expressed the opposite opinion: “Changes are necessary, because only then the three levels of project activity will be agreed: strategic planning, state program, and budget planning”.

Denis Gainulin told the audience about the strategic planning system. He stated that one of its principles was the transition from the circulation of documents to the circulation of data. The main components of this system are: goal, indicator, risk and threat, and resource. “Our key challenge is learning how to work with the data that we already have. We want to introduce a new reporting system, under which the regions will draw up reports using a completely new approach, ”the speaker concluded.

The representatives of different regions spoke during the discussions: Otabek Khasanov, Evgeny Bogdanov, Lev Reshetnikov, Dmitry Razumovsky, and Dmitry Voloshin. Great interest was aroused by the speech of the head of the Khimki city district. The expert said that the city is actively engaged in the development and implementation of project management. For this, a special structure has been created – the project office, which includes one person from each department. “The work is evaluated based on the achieved results, which excludes all excuses. We set specific goals and objectives for specific commitments, this allows us to achieve maximum results,” said Dmitry Voloshin.

The discussion was concluded by the speech of Anton Serikov, partner Relationship Manager at the autonomous non-profit organization “Russia: a country of opportunities”. He spoke about the formation of a new personnel policy, which is currently being implemented. The ideology of the organization, in which he manages his department, is aimed at promoting of talented and active youth. Anton Serikov noted that “Russia: a country of opportunities” is just one of the projects that ensures the movement of young people along social elevators.