Presentation of The Tyranny of Experts by William Easterly at Gaidar Forum

On January 12, the book The Tyranny of Experts: Economists, Dictators, and the Forgotten Rights of the Poor by American economist, professor of economics at New York University William Easterly was presented at the Gaidar Forum 2017.

This is Easterly’s second work translated into Russian (the first one, Quest for Growth, was published in 2006). In his latest book, the author continues his reflections on economic growth, and exposes the problem of economy experts’ excessive interference in the internal affairs of emerging countries. Contrary to popular belief, these actions are detrimental to the countries with weak economies and deprive their citizens of the chance to determine the vector of development for their countries.

The problem is not the shortage of experts, but a lack of rights, William Easterly said. The book contains many historical examples when international organizations, while officially promoting solving poverty, eventually stripped local residents of their lands and destroyed their homes. Such cases show the authoritarian behavior of international organizations that dictate their will to people.