Participants of the Gaidar forum – 2018 found out, whether the strategic turn in economic development of Russia is possible

The problem of Russia's long-term economic development became a subject of discussion on the Gaidar forum – 2018 "Influence of historical inertia: whether the strategic turn is possible".

The RUSNANO chairman Anatoly Chubais opened the discussion and was also a moderator. He reminded that in spite of the fact that Russian economy was growing, the budget has passed from deficiency to surplus, and inflation problems were solved, GDP growth in 2017 was only 2%. "Rates of our growth are lower, than growth rates of the developed countries. In translation into Russian it means that we will fall behind", – the RUSNANO chairman considers.

Alexander Auzan, the dean of economics department of Lomonosov Moscow State University submitted the report "Effect of a Track in Russia and a Possibility of Strategic Turn" after the opening speech of the moderator. The main idea of the work was a search of an answer to a question: how to overcome the dominating influence of historical inertia on economic development? During the performance, Alexander Auzan remembered history: "Such specific Russian institutes as a serfdom and autocracy, since 15th century periodically flash in the Russian history, turning into instruments of mobilization modernization". "The key stop of long-term development is a growing crisis of confidence. The trust to institutes, according to experts, will fall", – Alexander Auzan added. According to the speaker, "the effect of a track" could be overcome: "Is it possible to make strategic turn? Yes. If we realize what is necessary in culture, economy and politics".
Besides, according to the expert, the key indicator of the movement in the right direction is increase in demand for the high-quality human capital in economic markets that has to lead to growth of influence of the high-quality human capital in political markets.
The chief economist, the vice-chairman of Vnesheconomban, Andrey Klepach stated his opinion on raised issues. He added a split of society and a financial gap between elite and commoners to the problems sounded by Alexander Auzan. "Without solution of these social problems, we are at a huge risk of new failure", – noted Andrey Klepach.

According to Oleg Fomichev, the secretary of state and the Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, it is necessary to improve quality of public administration to get out of the track.

Andrey Yakovlev, the director of Institute of the analysis of the enterprises and the markets of Higher School of Economics National Research University, called existence of external threats as one more engine of economic development: "The factor of violence played a crucial role for economic development". In confirmation of these words the expert has given examples of economic jump of South Korea and Taiwan.
"The main hindrance why we don't manage to start a rapid growth of economy, that geopolitics is badly consistent with tasks of economic growth", – the honorary president of New economic association, the academician of RAS Victor Polterovich considers. According to him, it is necessary to create a new distinct program of economic development for the strategic turn, and around this program scientific, administrative and political elite could be consolidated.

Summing up the results of the discussion, Anatoly Chubais noted that, it was extremely important to look at all risks and reefs in advance while offering the new ways of economic development.
"So "scissors" between greatness of Russia and helplessness of economy haven't dispersed and the country hasn't failed between them, the vector of the movement demands significantly deeper, fundamental study", – the moderator summarized.

The organizers include the Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA), the Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy (Gaidar Institute) and the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia (AIRR).

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