Nicolas Sarkozy: “Russia became the superpower again, and this is thanks to President Vladimir Putin”

On January 16, during the 11th Gaidar Forum at the Presidential Academy, one of the key subjects of today’s geopolitical agenda was discussed by Vladimir Mau and Nicolas Sarkozy, French President in 20072012. The open dialogue was devoted to fates of Europe and the world in the coming decade.

When welcoming the guest, Vladimir Mau noted that Russia and France have been always connected by mutual positive emotions, and this is more than diplomatic relations.

“In periods of global geopolitical crises, bilateral Russian-French relations have always been a factor that restrained negative processes. This was the case in 2008, when Nicolas Sarkozy led France, and later,” the Rector noted.

Nicolas Sarkozy stressed that, when coming to Russia, he feels that he is in the country with European culture close to his.

“I am happy every time I visit Russia. I understand that Russia spreads from Asia, but Europe needs Russia, and Russia needs Europe, and who does not understand it, has no clue about history,” the French politician said.

He attributes advances of Russia with openness to new technologies. According to Sarkozy, countries that will not invest in development of technologies and innovative economy, put their future in jeopardy. 

 “Russia became the superpower again, and this is thanks to President Vladimir Putin,” – Nicolas Sarkozy emphasized.

Sarkozy believes that the main challenge for the modern world is the problem of demographics. There are no organizations to supervise demographic processes and studying thereof, that is, it is impossible to accomplish a task without understanding its essence.

When arguing about the future of Europe, the politician claimed that he holds a strong belief in social, economic and political content, however, he believes that “there will be several Europes”.

“There will be Europe of Europes, if it is possible to say so There will be EU Europe, Schengen Europe, which has to address the migration problem, and there will be European cooperation that will solve the defense problem,” Nicolas Sarkozy believes. And I would like to wish creation of a new organization with three founders: EU, Russia and Turkey. This organization must solve security and economy issues in the territory from the Atlantic to Baikal.”

To conclude the conversation, the former president of France told that he considers himself an optimist. And although, this is not the most sought-after quality in the modern world, there is no reason for changing the mood.

“Usually, the life turns very nasty and lasts a short instance, but there is nothing better than life! I believe that the only way to live is to do it as if there is the eternity and ample opportunities before us.”


The 11th Gaidar Forum “Russia and the World: Challenges of the New Decade” is being held at the Presidential Academy on January 15 and 16, 2020. The forum is focused on the goals of national and global development and the search for practical answers to the most pressing challenges of our time. The forum is attended by ministers of the Government of the Russian Federation, members of the Federal Assembly, governors of the Russian regions, prominent international experts, and representatives of foreign states.

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