Modern business education within AMBA I the focus of Gaidar Forum discussion

The final session of the Gaidar Forum 2017, Russia and the World: Setting Priorities, was the expert discussion Business Education: the Role of Emotional Intelligence and Adaptability to Changes. The speakers congratulated AMBA Association International, the world leader in assessing the quality of Master of Business Administration degree programs, on its 50th anniversary. The experts discussed the new skills and qualities a modern leader must have to operate in the market successfully.

RANEPA Rector Vladimir Mau delivered a welcoming speech, noting the importance of cooperation between the Presidential Academy and AMBA. “I am very grateful to President of AMBA International Sir Paul Judge for the progress in the cooperation between RANEPA, the Russian business education and AMBA over the last five years”, he said.

Ambassador of the United Kingdom to the Russian Federation Laurie Bristow spoke about cooperation and joint programs between Russia and UK. As many as 3,600 Russian students currently study in British universities, the expert noted, emphasizing the importance of the Open University Business Education program, adding that career development demands lifelong training. Training, re-training and professional growth – all of this is very important in today's dynamically developing world.

Laurie Bristow said that training under AMBA is a great option for employment in public service. “One of the major challenges for leaders today, even in a bureaucratic system, is to try to leave room for creativity to promote innovative approaches in achieving its goals,” said the expert.

Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Veniamin Kaganov pointed out enhanced interaction between education and business in the past few years. He also stressed the importance Russian-British relations. The two countries are now discussing their cross-year project.

“I think any kind of associations, cross-years, events, festivals, anything that gives us a chance to listen to each other, to share experiences, is extremely important,” he said. “This is the value of professional associations, which create opportunities for exchange of experience. Overall, considering the policy of the Ministry of Education and Science, we are in a constant effort to improve the quality and accessibility of education at all levels.”

AMBA CEO Andrew Main Wilson explained how the AMBA network is developing in the world, how to become a member of this association, and why it matters. "”If you take any problem that exists in the modern world, we cannot expect it to be solved by governments and armed forces they control. We all strive for the equitable distribution of benefits, to the development of the business community – the people and companies that create value within specific countries. We strive to ensure that these benefits are distributed fairly and equitably,” Andrew Main Wilson said.

RANEPA Vice-Rector, Director of the Institute of Business Studies, President of the Russian Association of Business Education Sergei Myasoyedov spoke about cooperation between AMBA and RANEPA. He noted that only 11 of the 150 Russian business schools are accredited by AMBA, which is an indicator of quality. He wished all the institutions to reach that level in the future.

President of AMBA International Sir Paul Judge, who delivered the keynote report, explained how business education is changing in today's world and underlined the importance of lifelong learning.

“Students need to understand the world they live in because they are unlikely to stay with one employer for their entire lives, so they have to be trained in various fields. The modern market requires interdisciplinary knowledge and expertise in various fields,” he said.

Speakers stressed the need to develop not only professional skills, but also emotional intelligence, creativity. “If you want to be an effective leader, you need to have both of your brain hemispheres working. You must be a good specialist in theory and understand spreadshits and charts. You should make sure that everything is done on time and that the work is emotionally charged to a certain correct degree,” Sir Paul Judge added.

Today's business schools should teach new business leaders to not be afraid to take risks, to be able to pick, motivate and keep their team and even to talk art, because art helps overcome the barriers between cultures and countries, the expert noted.