Gaidar Forum participants discuss Program 6.5

Representatives of executive authorities, small and medium enterprises, banks and corporations have discussed ways to expand the business community, which would help stimulate economic growth, during the panel discussion, Where the Talk Ends and Assistance to Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Begins, at the Gaidar Forum 2017.

The panel discussion was held in an interactive format, an innovation introduced at this year’s forum, Russia and the World: Setting Priorities. It was the first time SME representatives had the opportunity to present their projects, to lay out their problems and immediately receive feedback from participants and experts. Chairman of the Board of Directors of Green Valley Group (Belgorod Region) Sergei Yudin and General Director of EPIEL Plc (Moscow, Zelenograd) Vladimir Statsenko spoke about the tasks and challenges faced by their companies. The discussion focused on the policy of lending to small and medium-sized businesses and, in particular, Program 6.5 to promote small and mid-sized business development. According to Mikhail Oseevsky, Deputy President – Chairman of the Board of VTB Bank, the incentive program has proven effective.

irst Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov said: “What we hear now directly from business leaders – the most important thing – is the uncertainty of business survival. They want to understand what will happen with the ruble, they ask us, ‘How much will the ruble cost in a year?’ They ask, ‘What will happen with taxes? What will you do with the simplified taxation system?’ Lending is not the most important factor for business development; the uncertainty of economic conditions in the near future is a major challenge for entrepreneurs, the speaker said.