Gaidar Forum experts discuss Russian regional governments’ compliance with European standards

The panel discussion, Russian Local Self-Government in Focus at the Council of Europe: Conflict or Movement towards Harmonization?, was held on January 13 as part of the Gaidar Forum 2017 at RANEPA.

The speakers included Head of the Chair of Constitutional and Municipal Law at the International Law Institute Sergei Glotov; Head of the Civil Initiatives Committee’s Project “Municipal Map of Russia: Growth Points,” Chairman of the Expert Council of the Union of Russian Cities Andrei Maksimov; Chairman of the Council of Municipalities of St. Petersburg, Head of the Finlyandskiy Municipal District of St. Petersburg Vsevolod Belikov; Deputy Head of Executive Office of the Central Electoral Commission of Russia – Head of the Department of Regional Legislation on Elections and Referendums Klavdiya Borodulina; First Deputy Chairman of Local Self-Governance, Intra-National and Intra-Confessional Relations Committee of the Leningrad Region Ivan Makarov; and Director of the Department of Constitutional Legislation, Federal Relations and Local Self-Governance Development at the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation Andrei Korneyev.