Gaidar Forum experts discuss religious and ethno-cultural diversity

On January 13, politicians, scientists, religious and public figures spoke about education and interaction of cultures and ethnic groups in the process of building Russia's unified civil identity during the expert discussion, Religious and Ethnic-Cultural Diversity: Development, Stability, Security, held as part of the Gaidar Forum 2017.

The participants agreed that issues of religious and ethnic-cultural diversity require a multi-faceted approach that rules out political speculations or ideological clichés. The cultural and religious sphere is very sensitive and requires caution when it comes to regulating relations between different groups, ethnic groups and communities, said the moderator of the session, Executive Editor of the Great Russian Encyclopedia; Head of the Church-and-Scholarly Center “Orthodox Encyclopedia” Sergei Kravets.

“We have witnessed multiculturalism as an example of a largely unsuccessful experience of regulating such relations. However, research and development of this sphere is the government’s responsibility and is of primary interest for it,” the expert concluded.