Experts of the Gaidar Forum “It is impossible to achieve national goals without an effective state control system”

On January 16, at the 11th Gaidar Forum, expert discussion "Financial Control for the Implementation of National Goals" was held at the Presidential Academy. Experts discussed institutional conditions for an independent external and internal examination of implementation of national goals, control methods and technologies, and also the role of independent audit companies and expert community.

Implementation of national goals is a key area of activity of governmental authorities at all levels. Experts believe that control and evaluation of this work require the development of a new methodology, methods and technologies.

Valery Goreglyad, Discussion Moderator; Chief Auditor of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, outlined three tasks that President Vladimir Putin called the key in his Message to the Federal Assembly: decrease of the poverty level, increase in household income and coping with population decline. The moderator noted the importance of high-quality implementation of national goals, as exactly it will provide a serious breakthrough in economy, infrastructure, technologies and social sphere.

“It is impossible to achieve national goals without an effective public administration system, an important element of which is financial control and audit of results of activities of government authorities,” Tatyana Blinova, Auditor, the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, stressed. She named the key areas of activities of the audit system: provision of independent audit to achieve sustainable development, provision of recommendations based on the audit results, and also the need to bring up future auditors to use the data analytics and artificial intelligence.

“Since the end of the last year, on the single portal of the budget system of the Russian Federation, data of all national, federal and regional projects were published in the public domain,” Roman Artyukhin, Head of the Federal Treasury, said. “Budgetary reporting that includes target indicators of projects and performance thereof, was created specially for public authorities, local government and public control bodies.” This open data put into layman's terms made results of national projects accessible for the public, thus having improved the audit system as well.

Evgeniy Danchikov, Minister of the Moscow Government, Head of the Main Control Department of Moscow, determined the following conditions of efficient audit and achievement of national goals: integration of financial control into the goal achievement methods, observing balance between the goal achievement work and work of control authorities, provision of coordination between actions of all control contractors to avoid duplication or creation of obstacles for each other in work.

According to Mikhail Beskhmelnitsyn, Head, the Control and Analytical Service of the CEO – Chairman of the Board, the Russian Railways OJSC, it is important to have the approach overhauled not just to the use of financial resources, but also to what the economy in general and each person in particular get from it. “Every built facility must be involved into the turnover, as this will bring us to achievement of national goals,” the expert explained.

“If we do not include development institutions and private companies in implementation of national projects, we will hardly be able to achieve the objectives set,” Svetlana Yachevskaya, Deputy Chairman, Member of the Board, VEB.RF, added. According to her, economic growth is provided rather due to infrastructural projects and private investment that make it possible to minimize spending of federal funds, than due to control over spending of budget funds.

Artem Larin, EY Partner, Head, Clean Technologies and Sustainable Development Department in CIS, noted that the trust between public and private institutions for control and assessment of implementation of national goals is quite high, and, due to the use of digital technologies and openness of data, it will only grow.

Elina Sidorenko, Professor of the Criminal Law, Criminal Proceeding and Criminalistics Department, MGIMO at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, shared her opinion with participants of the discussion. She drew the attention to the fact that supervisory activities in digital format will bear good fruit, only provided that certain peculiarities are observed: building analytics based on respondent analytical groups, creation of universal assessment methods, and also when there is association with social and economical context, in which a project is being implemented.

Arina Solenkova

The 11th Gaidar Forum “Russia and the World: Challenges of the New Decade” is being held at the Presidential Academy on January 15 and 16, 2020. The forum is focused on the goals of national and global development and the search for practical answers to the most pressing challenges of our time. The forum is attended by ministers of the Government of the Russian Federation, members of the Federal Assembly, governors of the Russian regions, prominent international experts, and representatives of foreign states.

The organizers of the 11th Gaidar Forum are the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, the Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy, and the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia.

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