Anton Siluanov takes part in the 2020 Gaidar Forum

On January 16, Anton Siluanov, Acting First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, took part in the 11th Gaidar Forum held at the Presidential Academy and had a meeting with leading Russian and foreign experts.

He noted that the Gaidar Forum is an interesting platform for summing up the work done and setting new tasks at the beginning of a new year. “We have discussed trends in the global economy, factors hindering its development and how the economies in developed and emerging countries compare,” Anton Siluanov commented on his meeting with experts. The participants also discussed other global challenges, such as climate change and demographic issues.

This year’s Gaidar Forum traditionally became a platform for discussing the most important challenges in the socio-political, economic and social spheres. Current and former politicians, international experts, and representatives of the world’s leading universities took part in the event, including Chairman of the Accounts Chamber Alexei Kudrin, Chairman of the Board of Sberbank Herman Gref, Acting Minister of Science and Higher Education Mikhail Kotyukov, and former President of France Nicolas Sarkozy.

International expertise was represented by Harvard University professor Kenneth Rogoff, Columbia University Business School Professor Charles Calomiris, JP Morgan Chase International Chairman of the Board Jacob Frenkel, Director of the Center for Sustainable Development Jeffrey Sachs, Nobel Prize winner, member of the Intergovernmental Group of Experts on climate change Rae Kwon Chung and other speakers.

11th Gaidar Forum Organizers:

The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA);
The Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy (Gaidar Institute);
The Association of Innovative Regions of Russia (AIRR).

Forum partners:

General partners: Gazprom, Gazprombank. Strategic partners: Coca-Cola, Mastercard, Russian Railways, Pharmstandard group, Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi, Novartis Group, MSD, ACIG Group, EF Education First. Partners: Prosveshcheniye Group, EY, Huawei, RVC, Russian Agricultural Bank.

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