Alexei Kudrin speaks about Russia’s economic challenges at Gaidar Forum

The panel discussion, Sustainable Economic Growth: A Model for Russia, of the second day of the Gaidar Forum 2017, was held in a new format, as an expert discussion of the keynote report.

On January 13, Chairman of the Board of the Center for Strategic Research Foundation (CSR) Alexei Kudrin delivered a report at RANEPA. “The old economic model is obviously, no longer working,” he began, adding that no decisive measures that would restart the economy are being applied at the moment either.

“We are facing very serious challenges, which objectively impede our economic growth and force the President and Government to take steps that are unusual and quite serious,” Mr. Kudrin went on. He especially underlined the country’s demographic problems, the lack of investment, the economic sanctions and Russia’s distancing from world markets, its technological backwardness, low productivity and poor quality of public administration. “The main problems lie inside Russia, and its main problems are the institutional and structural problems that have accumulated today,” he said.