A meeting of the National Board of Business Education Quality Assessment (NASDOBR) was held at the Gaidar Forum

On January 16, an open meeting of the Presidium of the National Board of Business Education Quality Assessment (NASDOBR) was held at the 11th Gaidar Forum. Its topic was "Results of 2019 and new horizons for public-private partnership in quality assessment of business and management education".

Natalya Evtikhieva, Director General of the National Board of Business Education Quality Assessment (NASDOBR), opened the meeting by giving the floor to Alexander Zhukov, the First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. The First Vice-Speaker of the Parliament noted that NASDOBR is preparing to expand the boundaries of its activities and seeks to achieve a new level of public-private partnership with the federal ministry. Over the past 7 years, in collaboration with the leadership of the relevant ministries, the association created a practical model of public-private partnership, within the framework of which a system of review, evaluation, training and retraining of independent experts in the field of business management education was developed.

NASDOBR works closely with the Federal Service for the Supervision of Education and Science. Sergei Rukavishnikov, State Secretary of Rosobrnadzor, spoke about the plans for 2020, "First of all, we want to continue our work on joint training activities to raise the level of expert training." Sergei Rukavishnikov singled out three more areas for future work with the NASDOBR: joint preparation of regulatory documents and methodological materials, joint consultations on the formation of independent assessment funds, and the NASDOBR participation in an independent assessment of the quality of students training in educational organizations.

Executive Vice President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) Alexander Murychev recalled the joint projects of the NASDOBR and the RSPP and shared solutions to possible conflicts of interest.

Vadim Kovalev, the First Deputy Executive Director of the Russian Managers Association, noted, "People and their potential are the main value for business, when foreign markets are often closed and businesses seek their own development within their teams." The Managers Association is actively involved in the process on the basis of the NASDOBR: several working meetings were held, at which RMA employees were included in the project for the next meeting of the Council for Professional Qualifications (CPQ).

Dmitry Nesvetov, a member of the Council of the Moscow City Branch of the All-Russian Non-Governmental Organization of Small and Medium Business OPORA RUSSIA, noted that his organization continues satisfying the NASDBR's needs by offering its experts , who know modern realities and the requirements of small and medium-sized businesses.

Director of the Institute of Business Studies (IBS), Vice-Rector of RANEPA, Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the NASDOBR Sergey Myasoedov during his speech noted that the National Accreditation Council for Business and Managerial Education facilitates the development and realization of the experts' interests:
"We are the organization that relies on the expertise of leading employer associations." Sergey Myasoedov also shared his opinion on the two days of the Gaidar Forum 2020, "A radical change is taking place in the ecosystems of our functioning. I have not seen such interest in sections of business management education in the previous four GFs. This suggests that society understands that the quality of management must be raised, and in order to raise it, one should approach an individual professional area. You can’t split management into dozens of small branches!" Sergey Myasoedov emphasized the importance of such areas as managerial psychology, managerial sociology, managerial jurisprudence, and managerial behavioral economics, "We are "human scientists", our work is based on psychology in the first place."

Sergei Raevsky, Deputy Chair of the Department of Management at the IBS, RANEPA, said that under the new regulation on state accreditation, a section has been introduced on the accounting of information on the independent assessment of the quality of studying in state accreditation institutions, "NASDOBR has every right and opportunity to expand its activities within the state framework of private partnership". Sergey Raevsky named the main tasks and criteria for an independent assessment of the quality of training.

The main issue this year will be the determination of the boundaries of the types of professional activities of the council. NASDOBR will have to continue a serious work to improve the quality of management programs, and it will also have to promote the introduction of business schools in the legislation.

During the discussion, the moderator of the meeting, Natalya Evtikhieva, voiced the approved decisions of the NASDOBR open meeting, including expanding partnership with Rosobrnadzor, preparing and elaborating the proposal on the need to include business and managerial education in Russian legislation (this work will be fulfilled jointly with the expert council of State Duma committees on education and science).

Viktoria Stamova

The 11th Gaidar Forum “Russia and the World: Challenges of the New Decade” is being held at the Presidential Academy on January 15 and 16, 2020. The forum is focused on the goals of national and global development and the search for practical answers to the most pressing challenges of our time. The forum is attended by ministers of the Government of the Russian Federation, members of the Federal Assembly, governors of the Russian regions, prominent international experts, and representatives of foreign states.

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