A joint Russian-Spanish photo exhibition to be opened at the Gaidar Forum at RANEPA

A joint Russian-Spanish photo exhibition to be opened at the Gaidar Forum at RANEPA

On January 12, 2017, the first day of the Gaidar Forum, at RANEPA, the photo exhibition Russia-Spain: 40 Years of Diplomatic Relations (1977-2017) will be opened. The organizers of the exposition are: the Embassy of Spain in the Russian Federation, the Cervantes Institute, RANEPA and the Agency EFE.

The idea of opening a photo exhibition within the Gaidar Forum emerged during the meeting between Vladimir Mau, Rector of the Presidential Academy, and José Ignacio Carbajal Gárate, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain to Russia, held on October 19, 2016. Later in the day, the Spanish Ambassador gave a lecture to the students and lecturers of RANEPA. During the meeting, Mr. Carbajal Gárate advocated a constructive dialogue with Moscow, so necessary in the atmosphere of tension that characterizes the relations between Russia and the West in recent times.

The exhibition displays the most significant events in the political and cultural relations between Russia and Spain since the resumption of diplomatic relations between the two countries in 1977. Diplomatic relations between Russia and Spain were first officially established in 1722, when Peter the Great appointed Prince Sergey Golitsyn the first Ambassador to Spain, and Philip V had sent Duke de Liria to Russia. However, in the 20th century, for almost half a century, the two countries did not have diplomatic relations, the gap which occurred after the victory of General Franco in the Spanish Civil War.

The exhibition offers more than 60 photographs of the Agency EFE - the information leader in the Spanish language; about 15 million photographs are being stored in the files of EFE. The exhibition features photographs of various stages of the Russian-Spanish relations, which captures both formal and informal communication of the leaders of the two countries.

The opening ceremony of the photo exhibition will be held on January 12, 2017 at 5.30 p.m. after the expert discussion “Russia-Spain: The Fortieth Anniversary of the Restoration of Diplomatic Relations between the Countries (1977-2017)”. The panellists will be: Alexey Meshkov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation; Emilio Lamo de Espinosa, President, Elcano Royal Institute for International and Strategic Studies; Javier Ruperez Rubio, Spanish Ambassador to NATO, Executive Director of the Anti-Terrorism Committee of the UN Security Council, and other experts.

Organizers of the Gaidar Forum: “The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration” (RANEPA), The Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy (Gaidar Institute) and the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia (AIRR).

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