1. How to take part in the Gaidar Forum?

To take part in the Forum, you shall fill out the registration form on the website of in the Registration section. No registration by phone is provided. The number of participants from one company is not limited.

2. How much does it cost to participate in the Gaidar Forum?

The participation in the Gaidar Forum is free-of-charge for all categories of participants.

3. Can I be denied the participation?

The Organizers reserve the right to deny the participation of any candidate in all events of the Forum, without giving any reasons, in its sole discretion, and to limit participation in some events.

4. Where is the Gaidar Forum held and how to get there?

The Gaidar Forum shall be held in RANEPA at the address: 82 Prospekt Vernadskogo St., building 1 , Moscow. You can find the detailed information on how to get there in the Venue section.

5. Can I make a presentation?

The program of the Forum is already formed, you can send your personal information to the e-mail: info@gaidarforum.ru. The Organizing Committee will consider it and, if interested, will contact you next year.

6. What should I do when having troubles with registration?

  • Attach a smaller photo (the photo should be submitted in jpg/png/gif format, the maximum size is 5 Mb)
  • Try to register with another browser, having cleared the browser's cache, from another computer or another device (Tablet, phone).

7. I filled out the registration form, but I did not get a confirmation letter through the mail.

  • Try to check for messages in your junk mail (spam) folder
  • If there is nothing in the junk mail (spam) folder, send your data to the e-mail: info@gaidarforum.ru.

8. Can the Organizers send me an individual invitation after having completed the registration?

No mailing of individual invitations is provided.

9. What is a personal account?

The login details for your personal account will be sent after the registration is completed. In your personal account, you can change the personal data (if they are not being checked in the relevant security authorities of the Russian Federation) and after passing the accreditation, you will be able to see your status and your level of access to the events. We remind you that the Organizers reserve the right to deny the participation of any candidate in all events of the Forum, without giving any reasons, in its sole discretion, and to limit participation in some events.

10. Where can I stay during the Forum?

You can familiarize yourself with the accommodation options, and book a hotel in the Accommodation section.

11. When and where can I get a badge?

The name badges shall be given at the check-in counter on January 9 -16, 2019 at the address: 84 Prospekt Vernadskogo St., building 1, Moscow. Please, show your passport to get the accreditation badge. An attorney may get the badge only if he/she has the passport of the attorney and the Power of Attorney executed by the applicant. You can download the example of filling in the Power of Attorney to receive the badge from the official website, Participation Rules section, item 3.4.

12. Where can I park my car?

During the Forum, a paid parking for participants on the territory of the venue (entrance from the Ruzskaya Street) shall be open. The parking fee is 200 rubles per day. Please, note that parking spaces are limited.

To get to the territory of the Forum to the buildings where the event is held and to drop off the passengers, please, provide the details on your vehicle when registering. The Organizers reserve the right to deny the pass for a vehicle, without giving any reasons, in its sole discretion. Please, pick up the car pass and the badges in advance. Please, note that this pass makes it possible just to enter the territory and to drop off a guest at the building where the event shall be held, you can park your car on the paid parking only.

13. How can I have my business trip certificate finalized?

During the Forum, within the registration area for the visitors, there shall be a special area where you will be able to have your business trip certificate finalized. Please, note that business trip certificate should be issued to RANEPA or the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.