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Vladimir Feigin

Vladimir Feigin

President, Institute for Energy and Finance


Since 2013 − Member of the Working Group on Fuel and Energy Complex, the Commission under the President of the Russian Federation for Strategic Issues of Fuel and Energy Complex and Environmental Security.

Since 2012 - Advisor to the President, Rosneft Oil Company OJSC.

Since 2011 − President, the Institute for Energy and Finance.

Since 2003 − Adviser to the Board, Gazprombank.

1990 to 2012 - Executive Director of the Engo Research Center which was founded by him.

2003 to 2008 - Deputy Chairman of the Board, Gas Market Coordinator Non-Profit Partnership.

1970 to 2005 − Senior Research Fellow, Head of Laboratory, Leading Research Fellow, Head of Sector, the All-Russian Research Institute of Economics, Production Organization and Technical-and-Economical Information in the Gas Industry (VNIIEGazprom) (in 1997 converted into the Research Institute of Economics and Production Organization in the Gas Industry LLC (NIIgazekonomika LLC)).

In 1967, he graduated from the Mechanical and Mathematical Faculty of the Lomonosov Moscow State University as Mathematician. In 1970, he completed his post-graduate studies at the Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Member of the Thematic Group (TG) for Energy Markets and Strategies of Energy Dialogue between the EU and Russia, of the Gas Advisory Council under the Coordinators of the Russia-EU Energy Dialogue (speaker from the Russian side). He heads the subgroup of TG for Energy Scenarios and Forecasts.

Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.