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Pavel Shinskiy

Pavel Shinskiy

Head, Representation Office (CCI France Russie)


Since 2014 - Vice President, the Russian Chess Federation.

Since 2007 - Director General, the Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI France Russie).

Since 2003 - Consultant for French companies in the Russian market.

1997 to 2007 - Researcher-Lecturer in various educational institutions of secondary and higher education in France.

Graduate of the École Normale Supérieure (Fontenay-Saint-Cloud), agrégé in Russian language.

He heads the Russian series in the Paris publishing house Cherche-Midi; author of a dozen articles and two monographs (in French and Italian) on the establishment of the Stalinist system.

He has the Commendation of the President of the Russian Federation.