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Lyudmila Lapteva

Lyudmila Lapteva

Dean, Faculty of Law, RANEPA


Leading Research Fellow, the State History, Law and Political Thought Sector; Doctor of Law, Professor.

Deputy Chair, the Dissertation Board at the Institute of State and Law of Russian Academy of Sciences. Area of expertise: history and theory of law and State, history of political and legal thought, municipal law. She made the most significant contribution in developing local self-government history and theory, administrative policy typology, foundations of local self-government in the Russian Federation. In recent years, she has been developing the problems of shaping legal consciousness and legal culture in Russia.

In 1979, she graduated from the Faculty of Law of Lomonosov Moscow State University.

She has more than 130 scientific publications, including monographs “Zemstvo Institutions in Russia” and “Regional and Local Government in Russia”. Over the past 10 years, she has published more than 50 works, including the text-book National History of State and Law.

Laureate of the Koni Prize.