Forum Experts

  • Anton Tabakh

    Anton Tabakh

    Research Manager of Zhilfin and Finshok subprojects, Chief Economist, Expert RA.

  • Elvira Talapina

    Elvira Talapina

    Leading Research Fellow, Center for Public Administration Technologies, RANEPA

  • Azer Talibov

    Azer Talibov

    Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

  • Andrey Tambovtsev

    Andrey Tambovtsev

    Director General, National Research Institute of Technologies and Communications JSC

  • Naoki Tanaka

    Naoki Tanaka

    President of Center for International Public Policy Studies (CIPPS)

  • Vladimir Taraskin

    Vladimir Taraskin

    Director of the Legal Department, Eurasian Economic Commission

  • David Tarr

    David Tarr

    Scientific Adviser, International School of Economics in Tbilisi

  • Daniel Tarschys

    Daniel Tarschys

    Professor at the Stockholm University, Secretary General of the Council of Europe (1994– 1999)

  • Yrysbek Tashbaev

    Yrysbek Tashbaev

    Project Manager of the Community of Managers and Specialists in Logistics and Supply Chains for Manufacturers and Retailers “Council of Supply Chain Professionals”, Project Manager of the Logistics Industry Portal -

  • Andrey Tatarinov

    Andrey Tatarinov

    Leading Expert of the Department for National Accounts, ROSSTAT

  • Catherine Taylor

    Catherine Taylor

    Director for Medical Affairs, Markets Evolution in EMEA region, Janssen

  • Dmitry Ter-Stepanov

    Dmitry Ter-Stepanov

    Director for Normative Regulation, ANO Digital Economy

  • Denis Ternovsky

    Denis Ternovsky

    Leading Research Fellow, Center for Agro-Food Policy, RANEPA

  • Karen Lawrence Terracciano

    Karen Lawrence Terracciano

    Director of Italo Calvino School

  • Pasquale Terracciano

    Pasquale Terracciano

    Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Italy to the Russian Federation

  • Roman Teryushkov

    Roman Teryushkov

    Minister of Physical Culture and Sport of the Moscow Region

  • Yuri Tikhomirov

    Yuri Tikhomirov

    Deputy Director of Center for Public Studies, Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law of Government of the Russian Federation

  • Anatoly Tikhonov

    Anatoly Tikhonov

    Member, Council to the Federation Council on Agro-Industrial Complex and Environmental Management; Director, International Agribusiness and Food Security Center, RANEPA

  • Denis Tikhonov

    Denis Tikhonov

    Minister of the Moscow Government, Head of the Department of Economic Policy and Development of Moscow

  • Alexey Timofeev

    Alexey Timofeev

    President, National Association of Securities Market Participants

  • Dmitry Timofeyev

    Dmitry Timofeyev

    Vice-President, PIK Group

  • Boris Titov

    Boris Titov

    Presidential Commissioner for Entrepreneurs' Rights

  • Maxim Titov

    Maxim Titov

    Director, Department for AIC Market Regulations, Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

  • Pavel Titov

    Pavel Titov

    President, Delovaya Rossia association, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the AbrauDurso PJSC

  • Dmitry Tolmachev

    Dmitry Tolmachev

    Director of School of Economics and Management, Ural Federal University

  • Irina Tolmacheva

    Irina Tolmacheva

    Head of the “Legal Support of Research Projects and Intellectual Property Matters” Group, RANEPA

  • Viktor Tolmachov

    Viktor Tolmachov

    Chairman of the ACIG Supervisory Board

  • Bill Thompson

    Bill Thompson

    Head of the Eurasia Division of the Global Relations Secretariat, OECD

  • Maksim Topilin

    Maksim Topilin

    Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation

  • Anatoly Torkunov

    Anatoly Torkunov

    Rector, MGIMO-University

  • Ilya Torosov

    Ilya Torosov

    Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

  • Garegin Tosunyan

    Garegin Tosunyan

    President of the Association of Russian Banks

  • Ekaterina Tourkevitch

    Ekaterina Tourkevitch

    HR Director, Decathlon

  • Nadine Tournois

    Nadine Tournois

    Director, Sophia Antipolis Business School

  • Andrey Travnikov

    Andrey Travnikov

    Acting Governor, Novosibirsk Region

  • Giulio Tremonti

    Giulio Tremonti

    Minister of Economy and Finance of Italy (1994–1995, 2001–2006, 2008–2011)

  • Dmitriy Trenin

    Dmitriy Trenin

    Director, Carnegie Moscow Center

  • Emmanuel Tric

    Emmanuel Tric

    President, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis

  • Pavel Trunin

    Pavel Trunin

    Leading Research Fellow of the Center of Macroeconomic Research at RANEPA

  • Sergey Tsikalyuk

    Sergey Tsikalyuk

    Chairman of the Board of Directors, VSK Insurance House

  • Oleg Tsvetkov

    Oleg Tsvetkov

    Managing Director – Head of the Corporate Secretary Service, Sberbank PJSC

  • Sergey Tsyb

    Sergey Tsyb

    First Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

  • Vladimir Tsybanov

    Vladimir Tsybanov

    Director, Department for Budget policy and Strategic Planning, Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation

  • Alexander Tysyachnikov

    Alexander Tysyachnikov

    Head of International Transport Operations Department, MGIMO, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia

  • Nikolay Tyurin

    Nikolay Tyurin

    Scientific adviser, SSC IHEP

  • Natalya Tyurina

    Natalya Tyurina

    Project Manager, Social Navigator, Russia Today