Forum Experts

  • Olga Magilina

    Olga Magilina

    Deputy Director General, Cascade Nedvizhimost, representative of the multi-regional developer RKS Development

  • Andrey Makarov

    Andrey Makarov

    The Chairman of the Committee for Budget and Taxes of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

  • Irina Makieva

    Irina Makieva

    Vnesheconombamk Deputy Chairman; CEO, Monocities Development Fund

  • Svetlana Makovetskaya

    Svetlana Makovetskaya

    Director, Civic Analysis and Independent Research Center

  • Timur Maksimov

    Timur Maksimov

    Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

  • Abdo Malak

    Abdo Malak

    Counsellor for Science and Technology, Embassy of France in the Russian Federation

  • Tatiana Maleva

    Tatiana Maleva

    Director, Institute of Social Analysis and Forecasts, RANEPA

  • Alexey Malinovsky

    Alexey Malinovsky

    Head, MasterCard in Russia

  • Sofya Malyavina

    Sofya Malyavina

    Director General, National Priorities ANO

  • Marina Malykhina

    Marina Malykhina

    CEO, MAGRAM Market Research LLC

  • Mikhail Mamonov

    Mikhail Mamonov

    Deputy Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation

  • Lev Manovich

    Lev Manovich

    Professor, City University of New York

  • Denis Manturov

    Denis Manturov

    Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

  • Raffaele Marchetti

    Raffaele Marchetti

    Rector, Guido Carli Free International University of Social Studies (LUISS), Italy

  • Andrey Margolin

    Andrey Margolin

    Vice Rector, Director of the Institute of Finance and Sustainable Development, RANEPA

  • Bernd Marine

    Bernd Marine

    Director, the European Bureau for Policy Consulting and Social Research

  • Leonid Markov

    Leonid Markov

    Chief Advisor to the Head of the Analytical Center for the Government of Russian Federation

  • Aleksey Marukhin

    Aleksey Marukhin

    President, SITRONICS JSC

  • Mikhail Maschan

    Mikhail Maschan

    Deputy Director General, Director of the Higher School of Molecular and Experimental Medicine, Dmitry Rogachev National Research Center of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology

  • Nadezhda Mashkova

    Nadezhda Mashkova

    Director of the Department for Control, Supervision and Permitting Activities, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

  • Elena Maslennikova

    Elena Maslennikova

    Leading Research Fellow, Center for Public Administration Technologies, RANEPA

  • Alexey Maslov

    Alexey Maslov

    Board Member – Head, Strategy and Investments Division, Inter RAO PJSC

  • Somin Matskeplishvili

    Somin Matskeplishvili

    Deputy Director for Academic Affairs, the Medical Scientific and Educational Center, Lomonosov MSU

  • Elena Matveeva

    Elena Matveeva

    Corporate Policy and Communications Director, GAZ Group

  • Vladimir Mau

    Vladimir Mau

    Rector of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA)

  • Aleksey Mayorov

    Aleksey Mayorov

    Deputy Chief of Staff, the State Duma Committee on Education and Science

  • Andrei Mayorov

    Andrei Mayorov

    Deputy Minister of Transport, Roads and Digital Development of the Novgorod Region

  • Christopher McCormick

    Christopher McCormick

    Director for Academic Affairs, EF Education First

  • Vadim Medvedev

    Vadim Medvedev

    Director, Department of Special Programs, State Research Centers and Science Cities Development , Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation

  • Dmitry Medvedev

    Dmitry Medvedev

    Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

  • Oksana Medvedeva

    Oksana Medvedeva

    Head of the Department of Scientific and Informational Development, RANEPA

  • Maria Melnikova

    Maria Melnikova

    Advisor to the Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation

  • Darya Menshikh

    Darya Menshikh

    Analyst, Center for Economic Forecasting, Department of Strategic Development and Economic Forecasting, Gazprombank

  • Vadim Merkulov

    Vadim Merkulov

    Deputy Director General, Federal State Budgetary Institution “Scientific Center for Expert Evaluation of Medicinal Products”, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

  • Giles Merritt

    Giles Merritt

    Founder, Chairman, Friends of Europe

  • Timothy Mescon

    Timothy Mescon

    Executive Vice President, Chief Officer for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, AACSB International

  • Mathilde Mesnard

    Mathilde Mesnard

    Deputy Director for Financial and Enterprise Affairs, OECD

  • Lidiya Mikheeva

    Lidiya Mikheeva

    Secretary, the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation

  • Rustam Minnikhanov

    Rustam Minnikhanov

    President, the Republic of Tatarstan

  • Sergei Miroshnikov

    Sergei Miroshnikov

    Director, Federal Scientific Center for Biological Systems and Agricultural Technologies, Russian Academy of Sciences

  • Mikhail Mishustin

    Mikhail Mishustin

    Head, Federal Tax Service

  • Sergey Mitin

    Sergey Mitin

    First Deputy Chairman, the Federation Council Committee on Agriculture and Food Policy and Environmental Management

  • Natalya Mityaeva

    Natalya Mityaeva

    Coordinator for Implementation of Financial Literacy Programs in the Saratov Region

  • Aleksei Moiseyev

    Aleksei Moiseyev

    Deputy Finance Minister of Russia

  • Konstantin Mokhnachev

    Konstantin Mokhnachev

    Director of Human Resources of Eastern Europe, Michelin Group

  • Mikhail Mokrinsky

    Mikhail Mokrinsky

    Director, Letovo school

  • Anton Molev

    Anton Molev

    Scientific Director, Lyceum, RANEPA

  • Oxana Monge

    Oxana Monge

    Director General, Sanofi in the Euro-Asian countries

  • Pierre Morel

    Pierre Morel

    Co-Chairman, Trianon Dialogue

  • Alexander Morozov

    Alexander Morozov

    Director, Research and Forecasting Department, Central Bank of the Russian Federation

  • Sergey Morozov

    Sergey Morozov

    Governor, the Ulyanovsk region

  • Oleg Mosolov

    Oleg Mosolov

    Head of the Department for Education, Science and Youth Policy, the Voronezh region

  • Mikhail Murashko

    Mikhail Murashko

    Head of the Federal Service for Supervision in Healthcare

  • Alexander Murychev

    Alexander Murychev

    Executive Vice President, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs

  • Vitaly Mutko

    Vitaly Mutko

    Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

  • Sergey Myasoedov

    Sergey Myasoedov

    Vice-Rector, Dean of the Institute of Business Studies, RANEPA