Forum Experts

  • Lutfiya Abdulkholiqzoda

    Lutfiya Abdulkholiqzoda

    Head of Department of Science and Education of the Executive Apparatus of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan

  • Erlan Abil

    Erlan Abil

    Rector, the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

  • Konstantin Abramov

    Konstantin Abramov

    General Director, the Russian Public Opinion Research Center Foundation

  • Alexander Abramov

    Alexander Abramov

    Chairman of the Board of Directors, Evraz Group

  • Aleksandr Abroskin

    Aleksandr Abroskin

    Leading Research Fellow, RANEPA

  • Dmitry Afanasyev

    Dmitry Afanasyev

    Director General, Pervyy IT Alyans LLC

  • Elena Agapova

    Elena Agapova

    Director, Center of Competition Policy and Public Contracts, RANEPA

  • Mark Agranovich

    Mark Agranovich

    Director of the Research Center for Education Monitoring and Statistics, RANEPA

  • Esko Aho

    Esko Aho

    Senior Adviser, East Office of Finnish Industries, Prime Minister of Finland (1991–1995)

  • Marwan Akar

    Marwan Akar

    Director General, MSD Pharmaceuticals LLC; Managing Director, MSD Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan

  • Maksim Akimov

    Maksim Akimov

    Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

  • Natalia Akindinova

    Natalia Akindinova

    Director of the Development Center of National Research University Higher School of Economics

  • Almazbek Akmataliev

    Almazbek Akmataliev

    Rector, the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Kyrgyz Republic

  • Anatoly Aksakov

    Anatoly Aksakov

    Head of the Financial Market Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation

  • Irina Aksenova

    Irina Aksenova

    Deputy General director Coleman Services UK

  • Oleg Aksyutin

    Oleg Aksyutin

    Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee - Head of Department, Gazprom

  • Mikhail Alashkevich

    Mikhail Alashkevich

    Senior Vice-President, VEB.RF

  • Anastasia Alekhnovich

    Anastasia Alekhnovich

    Head, Expert Center for Presidential Commissioner for Entrepreneurs’ Rights

  • Alexey Alekseenko

    Alexey Alekseenko

    Advisor to the Head of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance

  • Daniil Algulyan

    Daniil Algulyan

    Deputy Chairman, VEB.RF

  • Ekaterina Alisievich

    Ekaterina Alisievich

    Head of the Department of International and Integration Law, Institute of Law and National Security, RANEPA

  • Edmond Alphandery

    Edmond Alphandery

    Chairman, Euro 50 Group

  • Allen Amason

    Allen Amason

    Dean of College of Business, Southern Georgia University

  • Vasily Andreyev

    Vasily Andreyev

    Chief Expert, Department of Capital Market and Investor Relations, Strategy and Investment Block

  • Mikhail Andronov

    Mikhail Andronov

    President of Rusenergosbyt LLC

  • Aleksandr Anikeev

    Aleksandr Anikeev

    Minister of Education and Science, the Kaluga region

  • Aleksey Anisin

    Aleksey Anisin

    Director of the Endowment Foundation , Moscow City University

  • Mikhail Antonov

    Mikhail Antonov

    Deputy Director General, Director for Innovative Structure Development, RVC JSC

  • Vladimir Aronchik

    Vladimir Aronchik

    Deputy Head of the Office for Implementation of New Businesses, Head of the Project Office for Implementation of Cooperation Programs, Rosatom State Corporation

  • Norman de Paula Arruda Filho

    Norman de Paula Arruda Filho

    President of the Association of Business Schools of Brazil, Initiator of the Project “Student Mobility to Share the PRME Experience”

  • Anatoly Artamonov

    Anatoly Artamonov

    Governor, Kaluga Region

  • Roman Artyukhin

    Roman Artyukhin

    CEO of Federal Treasury

  • Aleksandr Asmolov

    Aleksandr Asmolov

    Director for Humanitarian Policy, RANEPA

  • Dmitry Atamanov

    Dmitry Atamanov

    Deputy CEO, Ava-Peter LLC

  • Alexander Auzan

    Alexander Auzan

    Dean, Faculty of Economics, Lomonosov Moscow State University

  • Petr Aven

    Petr Aven

    Chairman of the Board of Directors, Alfa-Bank JSC

  • Arutyun Avetisyan

    Arutyun Avetisyan

    Director of the Institute for System Programming of the Russian Academy of Sciences

  • Dmitry Azarov

    Dmitry Azarov

    Governor, the Samara Region

  • Sofya Azizyan

    Sofya Azizyan

    EY Partner, Head of HR Strategy in the CIS