Rules of participation

  1. General principles of participation in the Gaidar Forum 2020

    Participation in the Gaidar Forum 2020 is free of charge for all categories of participants. The Organizers of the Forum are the body to admit a participation applicant to the Forum based on information in their application. The Organizers reserve the right to refuse any application for participation in the Forum events and activities without disclosing the reason thereof in its sole discretion as well as to restrict participation of any participant in certain Forum events and activities.

  2. Registration
    1. To participate in the Gaidar Forum 2020, the registration form in the Registration section of the Forum website needs to be filled in. Registration is mandatory for attending all events and activities of the Forum irrespective of a participant’s status measures for security reasons.
    2. Registration may be performed for the following categories of participants: for Russian citizens, for foreign citizens, for mass media, which includes foreign citizens.
    3. All application form fields are compulsory. Information filled in the fields must agree with the information in the passport of a relevant person filling in the form. The declared information will be verified by the Organizers.
    4. The photograph must depict the face of respective applicant. The photograph must be taken not later than six months before commencement of the Forum.
    5. By filling in the application form, an applicant is agrees for processing of his or her personal data.
  3. Accreditation and permits
    1. Applications for participation are reviewed by the Organizers of the Forum. In case of approval of an application (accreditation), a notification will be sent to the email address provided by respective applicant during registration. The Organizers reserve the right to refuse any application without disclosing the reason thereof.
    2. The status of a participant and the level of access to the Forum’s events and activities will be determined by the Organizers, will not be changed and will be displayed in the Personal cabinet at the Forum’s website upon accreditation.
    3. An accreditation badge to the territory of the Forum is a personal badge containing the name and surname of the participant in English, the organization, the category of participation, the photo and the logo of the Forum. The transfer of the accreditation badge to third parties is prohibited.
    4. To obtain an accreditation badge, valid passport should be presented. Badges may also be obtained through an attorney in possession of the passport of relevant attorney, the power of attorney signed by relevant applicant, and a confirmation of participation in the Forum events and activities issued by the Organizing Committee of the Forum.
  4. General information and recommendations for participants
    1. Forum participants are recommended to maintain business-style appearance.
    2. The Forum participants are forbidden to carry weapons, which includes edged and gas weapons, fragile and piercing objects, illegal drugs and items for drug use, pyrotechnics of any type and alcoholic beverages.
    3. Accredited participants while intoxicated will be refused to attend the Forum events and activities.
    4. A no smoking policy operates at the Forum venue.
    5. The badge is invalid without ID.