Yegor Gaidar Foundation

Yegor Gaidar Foundation

Yegor Gaidar Foundation

Yegor Gaidar Foundation was established in May 2010. Its mission is development and dissemination of culture, thinking and vision associated with Yegor Gaidar in Russia. The Foundation is committed to the principles of free academic discussion, rational perception of history and economy and openness to fair critics and cooperation.

The Foundation’s priorities are:

  • supporting private and public initiatives contributing to the establishment of civil society in Russia;
  • facilitating elaboration of the country’s development strategy;
  • supporting free thinking in the economy, history and other social and humanitarian sciences;
  • shaping and disseminating adequate image of the Russian history;
  • raising awareness and providing training;
  • popularizing and interpreting Yegor Gaidar’s intellectual heritage;
  • perpetuating the memory of Yegor Gaidar.

The Foundation is engaged in numerous joint and in-house projects. The most important of them are: the Yegor Gaidar Award to best historians, economists and those people who have contributed significantly to the establishment of civil society in Russia; the Yegor Gaidar Scholarship awarded annually to economic students; the Grant Competition for researchers studying ideological and theoretical heritage of Yegor Gaidar and an open discussion platform – the Gaidar Club.