Radio Echo of Moscow

Radio Echo of Moscow

Radio Echo of Moscow

Radio "Echo of Moscow" first aired in 1990, August 22nd. It is the first independent radio station which has obtained the licence in Moscow after adoption the new soviet law, which allowed private broadcasting. Now radio station works twenty four hours a day on FM - 91.2 MHz (Moscow).

The radio station broadcasts in 36 cities of Russia.

According to Radio Index April – September 2019, daily audience of radio station more than 3 million persons.

"Echo of Moscow" – is an information radio. It is possible to hear voices of visible Russian and foreign politicians, businessmen, economists, public figures, writers, actors, sportsmen on radio "Echo of Moscow" air.

INTERNET and Satellites

You can listen "Echo of Moscow" all over the world - our Internet address is Also we have mobile version for pocket PC’s and smart phones, as well as official YouTube-channel. Fresh news from "Echo of Moscow" are available by phone: +7-495-695-92-29, all around the world.

"Echo of Moscow" - free radio for free people!