Media accreditation rules


Media Accreditation for 2020 Gaidar Forum is open from November 20 to December 30, 2019

Please note: to attend the Gaidar Forum, you will need to fill out the accreditation form на online.

This procedure is mandatory for attending all the Gaidar Forum events, regardless of your status as a media representative, and is part of the enhanced security routine at the forum venue.

Accreditation procedure:

  1. Fill out the media accreditation application on the official Gaidar Forum website.
    Make sure to fill all the fields of the accreditation form, especially the fields marked with the “*” sign. Make sure that you typed your personal data correctly: the details you entered will be printed on your badge.
    The fields must be filled in strict accordance with your identity document (passport)
    The photographs submitted must meet the following requirements:
    • minimum size 480x640 pixels;
    • a color photo on a white background, “for documents” type;
    • resolution (photo quality) 300 dpi;
    • full face image, without a headdress;
    • face must take up at least 70% of the photo.
    When making an accreditation application, you can apply for the accreditation of all interested media representatives from your company.
    When filling out the accreditation form, you must provide an email address to receive information on the status of your accreditation, as well as additional information.
  2. A cover letter must be attached to your application as part of the registration on the Gaidar Forum website.
    • The cover letter must be written on the corporate letterhead and signed by the general director, chief editor, deputy chief editor, or editor-in-chief.
    • NOTE: Foreign media representatives can provide a copy of their accreditation card from the Russian Foreign Ministry press service instead of a cover letter.
    Applications without a cover letter are not accepted!
    Please note: badges for large companies are issued in ONE accreditation package (AP) to an authorized representative upon presentation of a passport, power of attorney and lists of participants.
    To pick up the badges, the authorized representative must present copies of passports of all the participants on the lists attached to the power of attorney.
    The Organizing Committee of the Gaidar Forum reserves the right to deny participation in the forum without giving reasons.

    Press office
    +7 (499) 956 99 69
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