The Forum Concept

The forum concept

Traditionally at the beginning of the year, in Moscow, in the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA), famous scientists, representatives of authorities, public and political figures, businessmen fr om different countries come together.

The Gaidar Forum annually brings together all those, whose latest achievements have an impact on the social-and-economic development of regions and states.

In the Russian media, the Gaidar Forum has gained the unchallenged reputation of ‘the Russian Davos Forum’. For foreign visitors, the Forum is an important source of information on major trends in social-and-economic and political development, status of business environment and investment climate of Russia, while for domestic experts, the participation in the Forum makes it possible to determine the prospects for further economic growth and integration of Russia into the global economy.

The Forum serves as a permanent venue for events of different levels and scale: plenary sessions and expert round tables, panel discussions and debates.

One of the important features of the Forum is the active involvement of young researchers as panelists.

Sessions of the Forum are focused on the most pressing issues of the modern times, a special emphasis is placed on the topics related to insight of the situation and strategic role of Russia in the world. Over the time, the Forum became a place, wh ere the social and economic politics of Russia for the next year is discussed and critically re-evaluated.

Tasks of the Forum

  • Engaging the world's leading scientists and practitioners into a joint discussion on social-and-economic and political issues
  • Maintenance of continuous expert dialogue on key political and social-and-economic issues
  • Reflecting the main trends and key events in the national and global economy and politics
  • Elaboration of strategic proposals and recommendations on the development of the national economy
  • Assignment of a stable place in intellectual economic map of the world and the status of an important center of top-level global economic discussions to Russia