January 16, 2018, 15:00 – 17:00, Building 2, Floor 2, Room 237

The establishment of the Russian-French Forum Trianon Dialogue was one of the results of the official visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to France on May 29, 2017. The purpose of the Forum is to contribute to the rapprochement of the peoples of the two countries by deepening relationships through civil societies. The Forum format consists of activities aimed at the development of interaction between the two countries’ societies: research and educational projects; youth projects; projects contributing to citizens’ gaining an insight into the history and culture of the two countries; activities that reinforce and develop business collaboration between companies. The function of the Russian secretariat of the Forum is entrusted to RANEPA.

The Forum will focus on a new priority topic each year. The topic for 2018 is “The City of the Future”. This discussion opens the work of the Forum and a related series of events.

Issues for Discussion

  • Urbanism and the digital world
  • Information and communication technologies and new city management
  • Challenges and strategies for the territorial community of the City of the Future
  • The role of universities in the Cities of the Future



  • Sergey Kuznetsov
    Sergey Kuznetsov

    Chief Architect of Moscow

  • Jean-Louis Cohen
    Jean-Louis Cohen

    Sheldon H. Solow Professor in the History of Architecture, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University


  • Maxim Oreshkin
    Maxim Oreshkin

    Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

  • Nikolay Nikiforov
    Nikolay Nikiforov

    Minister of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation

  • Andrey Vorobyov
    Andrey Vorobyov

    Governor, Moscow Region

  • Christian Leyrit
    Christian Leyrit

    President, National Commission for Public Debate, the French Republic; Executive Secretary on the Part of the French Republic, Dialogue of Trianon

  • Alexander Orlov
    Alexander Orlov

    Ambassador; Executive Secretary on the Part of the Russian Federation, Dialogue of Trianon

  • Gerard Mestrallet
    Gerard Mestrallet

    Chairman, Board of Directors, ENGIE; President, Paris EUROPLACE

  • Pierre Bordeaux
    Pierre Bordeaux

    Executive Director, Urban Strategy and Territorial Development, Strategic Forecasting and Operational Planning, Complex Projects Management and Analysis

  • Rodolphe Thomas
    Rodolphe Thomas

    Mayor of Hérouville-Saint-Clair

  • Alexander Plutnik
    Alexander Plutnik

    Head, Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending


  • Cécile Maisonneuve
    Cécile Maisonneuve

    President, La Fabrique de la Cité; Member of the scientific committee of the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS)

  • Emmanuel Forest
    Emmanuel Forest

    Deputy General Director, Bouygues S.A.

  • Andrey Chibis
    Andrey Chibis

    Deputy Minister of Construction Industry, Housing and Utilities Sector of the Russian Federation

  • Denis Hameau
    Denis Hameau

    Vice-Mayor, Dijon

  • Frédéric Mazzella
    Frédéric Mazzella

    Chief Executive Officer and Founder, BlaBlaCar

  • Christophe Manesse
    Christophe Manesse

    Attaché for Cooperation, Embassy of France in Russia

  • Stanislas Henrion
    Stanislas Henrion

    Advisor on Transport, Industry and Sustainable Development, Embassy of France in Russia

  • Euryale Chatelard
    Euryale Chatelard

    Chief Executive Officer, Altima, Moscow

  • Laurent Bouillot
    Laurent Bouillot

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, SIRADEL (Engie Group)

  • Nicolas Chibaeff
    Nicolas Chibaeff

    Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs

  • Dmitriy Korobkov
    Dmitriy Korobkov

    Member of the Presidium of the General Council, All-Russian Public Organization “Business Russia”; President, Marketing Communications Group ADV

  • Alexey Muratov
    Alexey Muratov

    Head, Area Development Strategy Department, Partner, Strelka KB

  • Artem Ermolaev
    Artem Ermolaev

    Minister, Moscow Government; Head, Department of Information Technologies, Moscow City Administration

  • Pavel Shinskiy
    Pavel Shinskiy

    Head, Representation Office (CCI France Russie)

  • Arnaud Dubien
    Arnaud Dubien

    Director, Franco-Russian Analytical Center “Observo” (CCI France Russie)

  • Ivan Karpushkin
    Ivan Karpushkin

    Head, Stolypin Centre

  • Luc Charreyre
    Luc Charreyre

    Director, EDF representative office in Moscow

  • Larisa Silkina
    Larisa Silkina

    Deputy Director, EDF representative office in Moscow

  • Andrey Asadov
    Andrey Asadov

    Chairman, National Initiative "Living Cities"; Head, Architecture Office Asadov; Vice President, Union of Architects of Russia