January 16, 2018, 08:00 – 09:30, Building 2, Floor 2, Room 237

Public health is the foundation of a strong economy of the future, where human capital assets will play a key role. It is the level of human capital development that the basic components of economic growth depend on. Here Russia faces a number of challenges, which can be overcome with the help of a systemic approach to the social sphere. Particular attention shall be paid to Russia's long-term strategy and the contribution of social capital to the sustainable development of the economy.

Issues for Discussion

  • People. How to shape the healthy lifestyle properly? What will a healthy society of the future be like?
  • Economy. Why does the increase in social expenditure always lead to economic growth and prosperity?
  • Investments. Do companies invest money in new projects effectively? What can be done to achieve a better return on invested capital?
  • Infrastructure. What should the infrastructure of medicine and health be like in Russia?
  • Digital. Technology development is changing the concept of interaction of government, business and society. How can technological change be used to society’s advantage?