The Mysterious World of Public Procurement

January 14, 2017, 10:00 – 12:00, Building 5, 3rd Floor, Red Hall

According to the World Bank, the Russian public procurement legislation is recognized as one of the best in the world and is more comprehensive than the oldest in the world contract system in force in the United States and in the system formed in Germany, the EU's largest economy.

It is the current procurement system of the Russian Federation that is an effective mechanism to support small- and medium-sized businesses.

In addition, the integration of the Electronic Budget and Unified Information system in the field of procurement provides openness of budget and procurement processes from the initiation of needs, planning, and implementation of procurement, all the way to the conclusion of a contract in electronic form, work acceptance, and evaluation of the contract fulfilment in accordance with the principles stipulated in the procurement legislation.

The completion of the transfer of bidding to an electronic form and of total document circulation from paper to digital form will significantly reduce the procurement costs, eliminate corruption elements, and improve access for new companies.

Issues for Discussion

  • Procurement management strategy: new opportunities for business?
  • Competition for efficient suppliers
  • Contract system functionality
  • E-budget -- a new mechanism of the effective spending of budgetary funds
  • Practice of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia based on the procurement audit findings
  • Unified information system: digital transformation
  • Procurement professionals - who are they?


  • Elena Agapova
    Elena Agapova

    Director, Centre of Competition Policy and Public Contracts Development, RANEPA


  • Tatiana Demidova
    Tatiana Demidova

    Director, Department of Budget Policy in the Contract System Sphere, Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation

  • Ilia Dimitrov
    Ilia Dimitrov

    Member, Presidium of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses, “Support of Russia“; Public Ombudsman for E-commerce and Electronic Public and Municipal Services

  • Nataliya Bocharova
    Nataliya Bocharova

    Director, Department of Expert, Analytical and Control Activities in the Sphere of Federal Property Transactions, Resources of Reserve Funds of the Federal Budget and Complex Analysis of Effectiveness in Federal Contractual System Functioning, Accounting Chamber of the Russian Federation

  • Christina Kryuchkova
    Christina Kryuchkova

    Head, Legal Department, Moscow Higher School of Social and Economic Sciences

  • Anna Davydova
    Anna Davydova

    Project Manager, Association of Innovative Regions of Russia