Smart Cities Technologies: Opportunities to Improve the Quality of Life of the Population and to Solve the Infrastructural Problems of Russian Cities

January 14, 2017, 10:00 – 12:00, Building 5, 5th Floor, Executive Conference Room

The expert panel will discuss global and domestic best practices in the field of Smart City technologies introduction, as well as tools that will address the challenges and remove barriers to the introduction of Smart City technologies in Russia.

Issues for Discussion

  • Are Russian cities ready for the introduction of Smart City technology? Is it necessary for future urban development?
  • What is the impact of Smart City technologies on the quality of life of the urban population? Is it possible to monetize this influence in the form of increasing the competitiveness and investment attractiveness of Russian cities?
  • Misplaced priorities: how to combine reasonable investment in the obsolete infrastructure with the intellectualization of urban systems?
  • Who is the customer of the Smart City technology introduction? What is needed to promote such projects? What areas are the most attractive for introduction of this technology, taking into account the impact on the social-economic indicators of a city?
  • How to overcome the barriers and move towards a broad launch of real Smart City projects in the cities of Russia?


  • Maxim Ageev
    Maxim Ageev

    Director, Global Directorate for Services in Energy and Sustainable Development, Schneider Electric

  • Anna Makarova
    Anna Makarova

    Director, Management Consulting Department, Management Practice for Changes, Alliance Consulting JSC as part of ACIG


  • Andrey Chibis
    Andrey Chibis

    Deputy Minister of Construction Industry, Housing and Utilities Sector of the Russian Federation

  • Svetlana Openysheva
    Svetlana Openysheva

    Advisor to the Governor of Ulyanovsk Region; Director, Corporation of IT Development

  • Oleg Polumordvinov
    Oleg Polumordvinov

    Head, Administration, Municipality of Astrakhan

  • Elena Ivankina
    Elena Ivankina

    Director, Institute of Industry Management, RANEPA

  • Farook Mahmood
    Farook Mahmood

    Chairman, Managing Director, Silverline Group

  • Vitaliy Bogachenko
    Vitaliy Bogachenko

    Director for Corporate Relations, Saint Gobain in the CIS

  • Galina Ganeeva
    Galina Ganeeva

    Vice-President, MasterCard Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Armenia

  • Alexander Danilin
    Alexander Danilin

    Business Development Manager, ISV Cloud Solutions Government & CityNext, Microsoft

  • Vladimir Korovkin
    Vladimir Korovkin

    Head, Innovation Digital Technologies, SKOLKOVO IEMS

  • Artak Makaryan
    Artak Makaryan

    Development Director for Business and Investment, Segment Housing Russia, YIT Group

  • Nikolay Marin
    Nikolay Marin

    Technical Leader, Smarter Cities Business in Central and Eastern Europe, IBM

  • Kseniya Mokrushina
    Kseniya Mokrushina

    Head, Center for Urban Studies, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

  • Andrey Suvorov
    Andrey Suvorov

    Head, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Global Markets, Kaspersky Lab

  • Dmitri Shepelyaviy
    Dmitri Shepelyaviy

    Deputy General Director, SAP in the CIS