Change Management: Global Supply Chains and Industry 4.0

January 14, 2017, 12:30 – 14:30, Building 5, 5th Floor, Room 505

Change management in the technological chain of value creation, distributed production and the relationship of the value-adding processes from start to finish of the product development/supply chain provide a new dimension to the problem of forming a common platform for the interaction of industrial, commercial and transport-and-logistics companies and for networking security. In the digital economy (Industry 4.0), IT is already changing the structure of companies, sectoral borders, business models and business strategies, the set of core competencies, and management technologies. The discussion aims to uncover new trends in the management of global supply chains, to develop strategic proposals and recommendations on the integration of the national economy into global value chains, and to continue and strengthen the expert dialogue on key issues on arranging networking cooperation.

Issues for Discussion

  • Global supply chains and digital transformation processes: challenges for Russia in industry and business object deployment, international trade and economic cooperation, transport and logistics interaction
  • Digital ecosystems and business transformation strategies, networking cooperation models, opportunities of translogistic platforms for cooperation and collaboration
  • Sources/factors of change in Industry 4.0, new trends in the management of global supply chains under the influence of digital transformation
  • Directions and opportunities of technology innovation in supply chain management; company personnel as the most important asset in the implementation of new changes


  • Oleg Dunaev
    Oleg Dunaev

    Deputy Chairman, International Cooperation Committee, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs


  • Nikolay Vasiliev
    Nikolay Vasiliev

    CEO, Progresstech Group of Companies

  • Fedor Pekhterev
    Fedor Pekhterev

    Director General, Institute of Transport Economics and Transport Development OJSC

  • Roman Veselov
    Roman Veselov

    Director for Informatization, TransContainer

  • Sergey Nikitin
    Sergey Nikitin

    Advisor to the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Russian National Commercial Bank