Business Education as a Development Driver for Russian Business: Business Schools, Corporate Institutions and Training Centers – Competitors or Partners?

January 14, 2017, 10:00 – 12:00, Building 2, 2nd Floor, Room 237

The training and development of employees of contemporary Russian companies is one of the keys to success in improving the efficiency of business and in its successful transformation. The leading business schools in Russia and all over the world are looking for ways to enhance cooperation with the business community, in parallel trying to retain the fundamental nature of educational programs and dramatically increase their relevance to business needs. In contrast, the importance of corporate universities and training and consulting centers capable of flexibly and quickly reacting to business needs is growing rapidly.

Issues for Discussion

  • Where does the future lie -- in-house corporate training or outsourcing educational services?
  • Who will shape training programs for business education?
  • Forms of interaction between business schools, corporate universities and training centers -- competition or integration?
  • How to ensure the integration of management and business science, and what is the role of corporate interests?