A Strategy for the Future of Russia – Youth Outlook

January 14, 2017, 12:30 – 14:30, Building 5, 5th floor, Lecture Room 515

Currently, the world is experiencing global processes that modify the role of the state in the management of society. Taking into account national circumstances, the state is increasingly ceasing to be an immediate economic agent, and is moving towards the application of so-called transformative abilities, i.e. abilities to assist while coordinating the relations between the state, business and society, thereby increasing the competitiveness of the state.

In these circumstances, an important factor in the successful modernization of the state is to attract to it proactive and talented young people actively participating in the development of their territories and the state as a whole.

In order to engage young citizens of the Russian Federation in the process of social and economic development of the country and the formation of proposals of young citizens of Russia into a concept of social and economic development for Russia, since 2015, the Federation Council has been implementing the all-Russian project Strategy for the Future.

Issues for Discussion

  • Which model of the future of the country does modern youth envisage? What are the qualitative and quantitative characteristics to describe this model of the future?
  • What strategic tasks, or mega-projects, are to be decided on the way to the implementation of this future model?
  • What is the mission of the young generation at this stage and in the process of implementing this project of the future of the country?
  • What would be the mechanism of participation of the young generation in the discussion on the project of the future of the country, and in forming proposals for the Social and Economic Development Strategy of the Russian Federation and in its implementation?
  • What are the suggestions from young people who are graduates of the program Strategy for the Future in different areas of public life: political, social, religious, economic, informational, national security?
  • What conditions shall the state, business and society create to attract Russian youth to the development and implementation of projects aimed at achieving the model for the future of the country?
  • What are the sectors of the economy that are most attractive for young people and why? How to make important but less attractive sectors more attractive?
  • What mechanisms for attracting foreign young professionals could be offered to implement Russian projects aimed at achieving the model for the future of the country?
  • What unites and separates modern youth in Russia?


  • Vyacheslav Timchenko
    Vyacheslav Timchenko

    Member, Federation Council; Chairman, Organizing Committee, Strategy for the Future Project

  • Igor Bartsits
    Igor Bartsits

    Director, Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service, RANEPA


  • Oleg Kazakovtsev
    Oleg Kazakovtsev

    Member, the Federation Council - Deputy Chairman, Science, Education and Culture Committee

  • Ludmila Bokova
    Ludmila Bokova

    Member, the Federation Council – Deputy Chairperson, Constitutional, Legislative and Statecraft Committee

  • Dmitri Shtykhno
    Dmitri Shtykhno

    Vice-Rector, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

  • Lyudmila Ilicheva
    Lyudmila Ilicheva

    Head, International Project “Russia – 21st Century: Politics. Economics. Culture”

  • Aleksey Shaposhnikov
    Aleksey Shaposhnikov

    Chairman, Moscow City Duma

  • Marina Filaretova
    Marina Filaretova

    Programme Officer, Youth Department, Council of Europe

  • Aleksandr Lokshin
    Aleksandr Lokshin

    First Deputy General Director, the Russian Federation National Nuclear Corporation “Rosatom”


  • Evgeniy Lukanin
    Evgeniy Lukanin

    General Director, Vologodchina A.I.C.

  • Grigori Petushkov
    Grigori Petushkov

    Chairman, National Preparatory Committee, World Festival of Youth and Students-2017

  • Victor Konopatskiy
    Victor Konopatskiy

    Chairman, Chamber of Young Legislators under the Federation Council

  • Vladlen Safiulin
    Vladlen Safiulin

    Department Director, Moscow Direction of Cultural Centers

  • Natalia Kuvshinova
    Natalia Kuvshinova

    Deputy, State Duma

  • Sergei Kochnev
    Sergei Kochnev

    Initiator, My Country – My Russia Project

  • Rufat Guseinov
    Rufat Guseinov

    President, International Trade Development Fund; Head, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics Research-and-Innovation Park Project