The Transformation of Educational Programs for Training of Personnel (Leaders) of the Digital World: Prospects and Challenges

January 13, 2017, 17:30 – 19:30, Building 5, 2nd Floor, Room 223

The digital transformation of traditional industries, the emergence of new areas of knowledge, and the creation of entirely new markets require radical changes in the educational system. Consolidation efforts of universities, scientific institutions and companies directly participating in the digital and innovative process produce one of the key conditions for the successful and efficient implementation of changes.

The educational programs for personnel of the future are beginning to be developed: the portfolio of subjects and their content is taking shape; studies in promising areas are carried out; approaches to promising areas of expertise are being structured; and the methodology and methods of building new educational courses are being developed.

Issues for Discussion

  • What shall be done to accelerate development and the effective launch of such educational courses and programs? Who can and should do this? 
  • How can we deepen cooperation and achieve synergies from combining the efforts of universities, business schools, innovative companies and science?
  • What should be expected by the providers of educational programs?
  • How can we use more effectively the potential of Russian expatriates working in the most promising areas of business, science and education abroad? 
  • How can we bring them outside elite educational institutions in order to replicate and upscale?
  • What format can and may be used in these cases?
  • What opportunities can we find in the wide use of digital technologies in education?



  • Alexei Sitnikov
    Alexei Sitnikov

    Vice President, Management and Development, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skolkovo Tech)

  • Roman Sorokin
    Roman Sorokin

    Deputy Head, National Technology Initiative Support Department

  • Dmitriy Voloshin
    Dmitriy Voloshin

    Director, SC Rostech Corporate Networking Academy

  • Konstantin Fokin
    Konstantin Fokin

    President Emeritus, National Association of Business Angels (NABA)

  • Sergey Kusch
    Sergey Kusch

    Director, External Projects and Applied Research, Sberbank Corporate University

  • Valeriya Pavlyukovskaya
    Valeriya Pavlyukovskaya

    Partner, Russia and the CIS, IMD

  • Alexey Gusev
    Alexey Gusev

    Director, Department for Development of Innovation Ecosystem, RVC JSC

  • Stanislav Nisimov
    Stanislav Nisimov

    Head, Department for Educational Programmes, the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programmes, RUSNANO JSC

  • Yevgeniy Plaksenov
    Yevgeniy Plaksenov

    Head, Finance, Payments and E-Commerce Chair, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

  • Nina Yanykina
    Nina Yanykina

    Head, Department for Project and Innovation Activities, ITMO University

  • Vadim Kalukhov
    Vadim Kalukhov

    Director, Department for Financial Technologies, Projects and Organization of Processes, Central Bank of Russia

  • Mikhail Erenburg
    Mikhail Erenburg

    Senior Vice-President, Director, Digital Business Development Directorate, Sberbank of Russia