The Global Energy Market in New Conditions: What Do the Technology Revolution and Concern about Climate Change Bring to the World Energy Debate?

January 13, 2017, 15:00 – 17:00, Building 5, 3rd Floor, Green Hall

Issues for Discussion

  • What do the Paris agreements bring to world?
  • Is a world price for CO2 emissions possible?
  • Prospects of renewable energy development in the context of subsidies reduction
  • What will the world fuel and energy balance look like in 20 years?
  • Can one say that a new age in the development of the world oil market is beginning? 
  • The role of OPEC in the context of new competition between manufacturers
  • Prospects of shale oil development inside and outside the United States of America
  • What are the immediate and long-term effects of the reduction of investments in the oil industry? How close is the peak of oil consumption? How significantly can electric cars and methane-powered cars edge out petroleum products in the foreseeable future?
  • The strategy of oil resources development in Russia in the new context
  • Growth in the supply of LNG and the prospects of formation of the global natural gas market. The shale gas revolution in the United States: what is next?
  • The growth of gas supply to the world market by new suppliers: where will the most intense competition get underway?
  • What does the development of the gas market in Europe bring to the Russian gas industry?
  • Russia's gas trade with Europe and Asia: forming new logistical and institutional schemes