Territory Development Management: How to Prepare a Team

January 13, 2017, 12:00 – 14:00, Building 6, 1st Floor, Small Assembly Hall

Development management is a key challenge for today's agenda, as the further development of Russia depends on a positive response to that. People, and the quality of their professional training and teamwork skills, play a crucial role in any management process. Improving the quality of human resources is both an independent challenge and a method of solving most of the problems which our state faces these days. For the purpose hereof, it is suggested to discuss the possibility of development of such directions as strategic planning, municipal development, attraction of investments and development of company towns, through the training of highly qualified personnel and the creation of inter-level management teams. 

Issues for Discussion

  • New educational technologies in the training of managerial personnel which are necessary for the development of the territory at the regional or municipal level
  • Formal and actual occupational requirements to the managerial staff of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation’s municipalities
  • The gap in results of personal and professional diagnostics of the managerial staff of any state authority and local self-government
  • Mechanisms of attraction and retention of highly qualified personnel in the respective territory as part of its strategic development


  • Andrey Orlov
    Andrey Orlov

    Deputy Director, Graduate School of Public Administration, RANEPA