Business Education in the Digital World: Reducing the Distance

January 13, 2017, 09:30 – 11:30, Building 5, 2nd Floor, Room 223

Discussions of innovative technologies in management education rarely go beyond remote and e-learning. In fact, the need for digital transformation of business schools and universities is much wider. All processes, from attracting prospective university students to interaction with university graduates, do require the use of appropriate technologies. Business schools face many challenges during the implementation of various technologies. If these challenges remain unresolved, digital technology could threaten the quality of education, instead of improving it. 

Issues for Discussion

  • What is the comprehensive approach to the digital transformation of business schools?
  • Does aggressive marketing lower the confidence of enrollees in remote learning?
  • When will Big Data benefit education?
  • Is it permissible to conduct examinations remotely?
  • Can we trust digital diplomas?
  • How can business schools remain in touch with their graduates using current technologies?



  • Santiago Iniguez de Onzoño
    Santiago Iniguez de Onzoño

    Principal, Instituto de Empresa (IE) (online)

  • Toomas Danneberg
    Toomas Danneberg

    Vice Rector for International Collaboration, Head, Business Innovation MBA Curriculum, Estonian Business School

  • Dmitriy Voloshin
    Dmitriy Voloshin

    Director, SC Rostech Corporate Networking Academy

  • Vladimir Solovyev
    Vladimir Solovyev

    Head, Department of Data Analysis, Decision-Making and Financial Technologies, Financial University

  • Oleg Dukhovnotskiy
    Oleg Dukhovnotskiy

    Head, Federal Communications Agency

  • Adeniyi Adebayo
    Adeniyi Adebayo

    Co-Founder, ProctorEdu

  • Maxim Girin
    Maxim Girin

    Head, Social Innovations, Association of Social Development; Development Director, My University Project

  • Alexey Filatov
    Alexey Filatov

    Chairman of the Board of Directors, BBCG; Founder, Retail Academy

  • Alexander Molchanov
    Alexander Molchanov

    Deputy Vice-Rector for Marketing and Applicants, Financial University