The Infrastructural Framework of Russia in the 21st Century

January 13, 2017, 09:30 – 11:30, Building 5, 3rd Floor, Red Hall

Issues for Discussion

  • How does the development of Russian infrastructure correlate with the deployment of production and population?
  • The role of major infrastructure projects in the economic development and quality of life
  • Road, rail and sea transport: competitors or allies
  • Setting priorities in infrastructure development of urban agglomerations: safety or quality?
  • Russia 2050: infrastructure for future generations



  • Victor Olersky
    Victor Olersky

    Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation – Head, Federal Marine and River Transport Agency

  • Roman Starovoyt
    Roman Starovoyt

    Head, Federal Road Agency

  • Sergey Kehlbach
    Sergey Kehlbach

    Chairman of the Board, State Company “Russian Highways”

  • Salman Babaev
    Salman Babaev

    Vice-President, Russian Railways OJSC

  • Dmitry Pankin
    Dmitry Pankin

    Head, Executive Board, Eurasian Development Bank

  • Aleksey Prazdnichnykh
    Aleksey Prazdnichnykh

    Head, “Spatial Development “ Direction, Center for Strategic Developments