Competition Policy Priorities

January 13, 2017, 12:00 – 14:00, Building 5, 5th Floor, Assembly Hall

Competition implies instability. However, to become stable, we need to be competitive. Competitors legally cause harm to each other’s interests, and the scope of this damage often exceeds the damage caused by illicit actions under the Penal Code. Competition can lead to loss of jobs and can ruin politically attractive entrepreneurs, including domestic producers and small businesses. Development of competition means that security will be reduced in some areas. 

Issues for Discussion

  • Ethics and the eternal values of competition
  • In which areas should protection be reduced?
  • Should protection of Russian companies from foreign competition be reduced?
  • Should public procurement be used to support businesses?
  • What should we answer to those who will suffer from the competition?


  • Andrey Makarov
    Andrey Makarov

    Chairman, Committee on Budget Issues and Taxes, State Duma of the Russian Federation


  • Igor Artemyev
    Igor Artemyev

    Head, Federal Anti-monopoly Service

  • Anatoliy Aksakov
    Anatoliy Aksakov

    Chairman, Financial Market Committee, State Duma of the Russian Federation

  • Alexey Likhachev
    Alexey Likhachev

    General Director, the Russian Federation National Nuclear Corporation “Rosatom”

  • Alexey Mordashov
    Alexey Mordashov

    Chairman of the Board of Directors, Severstal PJSC

  • Esko Aho
    Esko Aho

    Executive Chairman, Board, East Office of Finnish Industries; Consultative Partner, Nokia Corporation; Prime Minister of Finland (1991-1995)