The Changing Landscape of the Management Education Market and the Role of Business Schools and Corporate Universities Today and in Ten Years: Positive Cooperation Experiences

January 12, 2017, 17:00 – 18:30, Building 2, 2nd Floor, Room 237

The business environment is rapidly changing. This results in dramatic changes of the whole management education market landscape. There is growing dissatisfaction on the side of the business community with the level of provision of educational services. The business community criticizes universities and business schools for education that is overly academic, distant from practice and present day needs.

In contrast, the importance of corporate universities that flexibly and quickly react to business needs is growing. The leading business schools in Russia and all over the world are looking for ways to enhance cooperation with the business community, in parallel trying to retain the fundamental nature of educational programs and dramatically increase their relation to business needs.

The roles of players in the management education market are strongly influenced by breakthrough technologies; besides, the trend for education virtualization is accelerating.

Issues for Discussion

  • How will the role of business schools and corporate universities change in the management education market in 10 years?
  • What market niches will they try secure for themselves? How will the academic program portfolio be distributed between them in a decade?
  • What are the ways and opportunities available for development of mutually beneficial cooperation between major players in the management education market, and for the creation of a synergistic effect from combining their knowledge and skills?
  • What joint projects could be used as examples to follow?
  • How do business schools and corporate universities respond to the threats and use opportunities of “breakthrough technologies” and education virtualization?