Russia’s Financial Institutions: Quality and Quiddity

January 12, 2017, 15:30 – 17:30, Building 5, 2nd Floor, Room 222

Russia's financial markets have strengthened considerably over the past twenty-five years, with lessons learned and institutions emerging to regulate and stabilize during crises and create positive conditions for investment during good times. The work of these experts on Russia's financial institutions shows their influence on corporate development and regulations.

Issues for Discussion

  • How strong are Russia’s financial institutions?
  • How do financial regulations affect institutional development?
  • How does corporate finance contribute to national financial institutions?
  • What is the role of financial institutions in current economic growth?
  • Is the financial system a public good?


  • Carol S. Leonard
    Carol S. Leonard

    Professor, Director, Center for Russian Studies, RANEPA; Emeritus Fellow, St Antony's College, University of Oxford


  • Maxim Bouev
    Maxim Bouev

    Professor, European University at St Petersburg; Vice-Rector, Strategic Development, New Economic School

  • Laurence Kotlikoff
    Laurence Kotlikoff

    Professor, Boston University

  • Mikhail Khromov
    Mikhail Khromov

    Head, Laboratory of Financial Research, Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy

  • Dmitry Makarov
    Dmitry Makarov

    Associate Professor, International Institute of Economics and Finance, National Research University Higher School of Economics

  • Katharina Pistor
    Katharina Pistor

    Michael I. Sovern Professor of Law, Columbia University; Director, Center on Global Legal Transformation

  • Sergey Romanchuk
    Sergey Romanchuk

    Head of Operations, Foreign Exchange and Money Market, Metallinvestbank JSCB; President, ACI Russia

  • Oleg Shibanov
    Oleg Shibanov

    Professor, the Russian Economic School

  • Koen Schoors
    Koen Schoors

    Professor, University of Ghent

  • Grzegorz W. Kolodko
    Grzegorz W. Kolodko

    Professor, Kozminski University; Director, Transformation, Integration and Globalization Economic Research (TIGER); Finance Minister of Poland (1994-1997, 2002-2003)

  • Marina Rudneva
    Marina Rudneva

    General Director, FUTURE Financial Group