New Regional Policy

January 12, 2017, 15:30 – 17:30, Building 5, 5th Floor, Assembly Hall

Regions and cities are becoming centers of economic growth and social development for many countries, but the differences between developed and lagging regions are only increasing. In this situation, many countries re-define the goals and priorities of their regional policy and increasingly focus on support for competitiveness and economic growth, as regions and cities are becoming more and more independent in determining development strategy. Russia has not yet managed to align regions. In recent years, regional policy has become more fragmented, and the efficiency of many of its tools is highly questionable. At present, regional policy is at a crossroads once again: do we need to concentrate management in the hands of the Federal Center, or to provide more independence to the leading regions and cities?

Issues for Discussion

  • How have Russian regions and cities developed in recent years; are we in the "trend" of global development?
  • What objectives should be set for the new regional policy? Can we find the balance between putting the brakeson strong regions and support to the lagging ones?
  • Does the current power distribution system provide the incentives and resources for development of regions and cities? 
  • How can we accelerate the development of urban agglomerations, and how can we focus and coordinate the efforts of the Federal Government, regions, and municipalities? 


  • Alexey Kudrin
    Alexey Kudrin

    Chairman, Board, Center for Strategic Research Foundation