Immigration vs. Emigration

January 12, 2017, 15:30 – 17:30, Building 5, 3rd Floor, Room 308

The perceptions of migration processes occurring today in Russia and in the world are often based not on verifiable facts, but on unverified information and explicit myths. If at the level of everyday consciousness this situation is quite typical, at the expert community level, for obvious reasons, it is unacceptable. The objective of this section is to clarify the situation in global mobility, with a particular focus on Russia.

Issues for Discussion

  • Is it true that the immigration inflow to Russia consistsmainly of badly- educated and low-skilled people?
  • To what extent do the most common judgements appearing in the press about emigration from Russia (both in quantitative and qualitative terms) correspond to the reality?
  • What do the migration processes - immigration and emigration - look like in the most developed countries of the world?


  • Vladimir Malakhov
    Vladimir Malakhov

    Director, Center for Theoretical and Applied Political Science, RANEPA


  • Mikhail Denisenko
    Mikhail Denisenko

    Head, Demography Department, National Research University Higher School of Economics

  • Yuliya Florinskaya
    Yuliya Florinskaya

    Leading Research Fellow, Institute of Social Analysis and Forecast, RANEPA

  • Mark Tolts
    Mark Tolts

    Senior Researcher, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  • Nikita Mkrtchan
    Nikita Mkrtchan

    Leading Research Fellow, Institute of Social Analysis and Forecast, RANEPA

  • Irina Tsapenko
    Irina Tsapenko

    Head, Social-and-Economic Development and Migration Processes Sector, Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Russian Academy of Sciences