Europe after BREXIT

January 12, 2017, 15:30 – 17:30, Building 5, 3rd Floor, Green Hall

Issues for Discussion

  • The future of integration processes in the EU
  • Changing the balance of power within the EU
  • EU trade policy without the United Kingdom
  • General foreign and security policy of the EU after Brexit
  • The new model of the relationship between the EU and the UK. What will it look like?
  • The place of the United Kingdom in Europe and in the world 
  • The EU in global governance processes after the United Kingdom leaves



  • Martin Wolf
    Martin Wolf

    Chief Economics Commentator, The Financial Times

  • Alexander Graf Lambsdorff
    Alexander Graf Lambsdorff

    Vice-President, European Parliament

  • Vaclav Klaus
    Vaclav Klaus

    President, Václav Klaus Institute; President, Czech Republic (2003-2013)

  • Jorge Braga de Macedo
    Jorge Braga de Macedo

    Director, Centre for Globalization and Governance, NOVA School of Business and Economics

  • Franz Fischler
    Franz Fischler

    President, European Forum Alpbach; European Commissioner for Agriculture and Fisheries (1995-2004)

  • Daniel Gros
    Daniel Gros

    Director, the Center for European Policy Studies (CEPS)