Audit and Control in Russia and the World: Expectations and Realities

January 12, 2017, 09:30 – 11:30, Building 6, 3rd Floor, Hall 7

Issues for Discussion

  • The effectiveness of public audit as a tool for ensuring transition to innovative economy
  • Institutional features of public audit
  • The role of external audit in maintaining efficiency and improving the system of company management
  • Operational effectiveness of external audit
  • Conflict of expectations in the interaction of an internal audit service and management team
  • The problem of positioning of internal auditors: independence, ethics, company management vision of the goals and objectives of internal audit
  • Increasing requirements for professionalism and competence of internal auditors. The need for a national system of internal audit standards and national certification for internal auditors
  • Audit theory development directions in Russia and in the world
  • Strategic state audit and objectives of social and economic development for Russia
  • Internal audit as a tool to enhance the efficiency of a company: samples of best practices
  • Staffing the audit services: new requirements and technologies


  • Valeriy Goreglyad
    Valeriy Goreglyad

    Chief Auditor, Central Bank of the Russian Federation; Professor, RANEPA

  • Igor Bartsits
    Igor Bartsits

    Director, Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service, RANEPA