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Rustam Minnikhanov

Rustam Minnikhanov

Rustam Minnikhanov

President, Republic of Tatarstan

Expert Events

12 January
25 Years: Foreign Investments in Russia's Social and Economic Development Building 2, 2nd Floor, Room 237, Invitation-only

New Regional Policy Building 5, 5th Floor, Assembly Hall


From March 25, 2010: President of the Republic of Tatarstan.

From 1998: Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan.

1996 – 1998: Minister of Finance of the Republic of Tatarstan.

1993 – 1996: Head, Administration of the Vysokogorsky district.

1992 – 1993: First Deputy Head, Administration of the Arsky district.

1990 – 1992: Chairman, Arsky District Executive Committee.

1986: Graduated from the Correspondence Institute of Soviet Trade, Merchndising and Food Trade Organization.

1985 – 1990: Chairman, Board of the Consumer Society in the Arsky District.

1983 – 1985: Deputy Chairman, Board of the Consumer Society in the Sabnsky District.

1980 – 1983: Senior Power Engineer and Chief Power Engineer, Saby timber industry enterprise.

1978 - 1980: Engineer-Diagnostician, Saby District Association “Selkhoztekhnika”.

1978: Graduated from the Kazan Agricultural Institute, Mechanization of Agriculture.

Awards: Order of Friendship, Order of Services to Motherland 4th class (2007), Order of Services to the Republic of Tatarstan, Medal in memory of the 300th Anniversary of Saint Petersburg (2003), Medal in memory of the 1000th Anniversary of Kazan, Medal to mark the three billionth ton of oil in Tatarstan, Commendation of the President of the Russian Federation (2008).

Laureate of the Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of science and technology (2009). PhD in Economics.