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  • Mikhail Zadornov

    Mikhail Zadornov

    Chairman, Thoburns Communications Ltd

  • Yuriy Zafesov

    Yuriy Zafesov

    Director, Procurement Department, Rosseti PJSC

  • Oleg Zamyshlyaev

    Oleg Zamyshlyaev

    Founder, Oleg Zamyshlyaev Workshop Consulting Company

  • Ilias Zaripov

    Ilias Zaripov

    Advisor to the Executive Board, Bank Group ZENIT

  • Dmitry Zauers

    Dmitry Zauers

    Deputy Chairman, Management Board, Gazprombank

  • Pavel Zavalny

    Pavel Zavalny

    Chairman, State Duma Committee on Energy

  • Mark Zawadzki

    Mark Zawadzki

    Development Director, Russia and the CIS, AliExpress; Director General, (RU)

  • Artem Zdunov

    Artem Zdunov

    Minister of Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan

  • Tatiana Zelenskaya

    Tatiana Zelenskaya

    Head, Agency for Science and Innovation Development, the Krasnoyarsk Region

  • Anna Zelentsova

    Anna Zelentsova

    Strategic Coordinator, Financial Education and Financial Literacy Project; Co-Chairperson, Financial Literacy and Consumer Rights Protection Subdivision, Group of Twenty

  • Dmitriy Zemtsov

    Dmitriy Zemtsov

    Director, Educational Programmes, the University of Engineering

  • Stepan Zemtsov

    Stepan Zemtsov

    Senior Research Fellow, RANEPA

  • Anna Zemtsova

    Anna Zemtsova

    Head, Department for Regular Reporting, Operational and Currency Control, Deutsche Bank

  • Fatima Zhakypova

    Fatima Zhakypova

    Rector, the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

  • Marat Zhilinsky

    Marat Zhilinsky

    Rector, Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Belarus

  • Vadim Zhivulin

    Vadim Zhivulin

    Director, Regulatory Impact Assessment Department, Russian Ministry for Economic Development

  • Alexander Zhukov

    Alexander Zhukov

    First Deputy Chairman, State Duma; Chairman of the Presidium, National Board of Business and Management Education (NASDOBR)

  • Mikhail Zhukov

    Mikhail Zhukov

    Managing Director, Headhunter Group

  • Sergey Zhukovsky

    Sergey Zhukovsky

    Director, Gazprom Corporate Institute Branch, Moscow Region

  • Alexander Zhuravsky

    Alexander Zhuravsky

    Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation

  • Sergey Zhvachkin

    Sergey Zhvachkin

    Governor of the Tomsk Region

  • Roman Zimonas

    Roman Zimonas

    Director, Procurement, Logistics and Quality Management, Rosatom State Corporation

  • Victor Znatkov

    Victor Znatkov

    First Deputy Chairman of the Government, the Novosibirsk Region

  • E Zhi Zong

    E Zhi Zong

    Director, the Center for Agricultural Research, Beijing Academy of Agriculture

  • Marina Zorina

    Marina Zorina

    Deputy Minister for Municipal Development and Internal Politics of the Kaliningrad Region

  • Elena Zosimova

    Elena Zosimova

    Head, Cargill Office, Russia

  • Natalya Zubarevich

    Natalya Zubarevich

    Director, Regional Program, Independent Institute for Social Policy

  • John Zysman

    John Zysman

    Professor, University of California-Berkeley; Founding Director, Berkeley Roundtable on International Economics (BRIE)

  • Andrey Zyuzin

    Andrey Zyuzin

    Managing Director, VEB Innovation Fund