GF 2017 Experts

  • Evgeniy Ugrumov

    Evgeniy Ugrumov

    Chairman, 43.00.00 “Services and Tourism”, the Federal Education and Methodology Union in the Sphere of Higher Education

  • Alexey Urusov

    Alexey Urusov

    Director, Economics and Corporate Planning Directorate, Gazpromneft

  • Ivan Ushachev

    Ivan Ushachev

    Head, All-Russian Institute of Economics of Agriculture, the Russian Academy of Sciences

  • Yuri Ushanov

    Yuri Ushanov

    Chairman, Central Advisory Board, the Hospitality Professional Qualifications Council

  • Yevgenia Uvarkina

    Yevgenia Uvarkina

    Member, the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation

  • Yulia Uzhakina

    Yulia Uzhakina

    CEO, ANO Rosatom Corporate Academy

  • Vasilii Uzun

    Vasilii Uzun

    Chief Researcher, Center for Agricultural and Food Policy, RANEPA