Forum Experts

  • Victor Sadovnichy

    Victor Sadovnichy

    Rector, Lomonosov Moscow State University

  • Sergey Sakharov

    Sergey Sakharov

    Mayor of Suzdal (Vladimir Region)

  • Oleg Salagay

    Oleg Salagay

    Deputy Minister of Healthcare of the Russian Federation

  • Vladimir Salamatov

    Vladimir Salamatov

    Chairman, EAEU Business Committee; Director General; CEO, International Trade and Integration

  • Amr Salem

    Amr Salem

    VP, Global Public Sector Segment, Cisco

  • Alla Samoletova

    Alla Samoletova

    Adviser to the Rector, European University in Saint-Petersburg

  • Larisa Sannikova

    Larisa Sannikova

    Acting Head, Sector of Civil law, Civil and Arbitrary procedures, Institute of State and Law, Russian Academy of Sciences

  • Samir Saran

    Samir Saran

    President, Observer research foundation

  • Ramazan Sarpekov

    Ramazan Sarpekov

    Director, Institute of Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Statesman of the Republic of Kazakhstan

  • Georgy Satarov

    Georgy Satarov

    President, INDEM Foundation

  • Dmitry Satin

    Dmitry Satin

    Deputy Head of the Federal Tax Service of Russia

  • Alexey Sazonov

    Alexey Sazonov

    Director, Department of Humanitarian Cooperation, General Political and Social Problems, CIS Executive Committee

  • Dmitry Sazonov

    Dmitry Sazonov

    Deputy Chairman, State Duma Committee on Economic Policy, Industry, Innovative Development and Entrepreneurship

  • Sergei Scherbov

    Sergei Scherbov

    Head, International Laboratory of Demography and Human Capital, RANEPA; Deputy Director, World Population Program, International Institute for Applied System Analysis

  • Vanessa Scherrer

    Vanessa Scherrer

    Vice President for International Relations, Science Po

  • Sergio Schneider

    Sergio Schneider

    Professor of Sociology, Rio Grande do Sul University (Brazil)

  • Galina Sedykh

    Galina Sedykh

    HR Director, Henkel Russia & East Cluster

  • Ashot Seferyan

    Ashot Seferyan

    Director, Executive MBA, IBS, RANEPA

  • Roza Semenova

    Roza Semenova

    Project Manager, Association of Innovative Regions of Russia (AIRR)

  • Sergey Sementsov

    Sergey Sementsov

    Head of Green Economy Strategy Division, Vnesheconombank Institute

  • Aleksey Semyonov

    Aleksey Semyonov

    Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation

  • Alexander Sergeev

    Alexander Sergeev

    President, Russian Academy of Sciences

  • Anton Serikov

    Anton Serikov

    Head of Division, Russia - The Country of Opportunities

  • Olga Serova

    Olga Serova

    Head, Department of Civil Law and Procedure, Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University

  • Artem Shadrin

    Artem Shadrin

    Director, Department of Strategic Development and Innovations, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

  • Natalia Shagayda

    Natalia Shagayda

    Director, Center for Agricultural and Food Policy, RANEPA

  • Sergey Shakhray

    Sergey Shakhray

    Professor, co-author of the Constitution of the Russian Federation

  • Vladimir Shamakhov

    Vladimir Shamakhov

    Director, North-West Institute of Management, RANEPA

  • Tharman Shanmugaratnam

    Tharman Shanmugaratnam

    Deputy Prime Minister and Coordinating Minister for Economic and Social Policies of Singapore

  • Alexei Shaposhnikov

    Alexei Shaposhnikov

    Chairman of the Moscow City Duma

  • Andrei Sharonov

    Andrei Sharonov

    Rector, Moscow School of Management Skolkovo

  • Dmitry Sharonov

    Dmitry Sharonov

    Director, Institute of Petroleum Refining and Petrochemistry JSC

  • Andrey Shastitko

    Andrey Shastitko

    Director, Center for Studies of Competition and Economic Regulation, RANEPA

  • Sergei Shatalov

    Sergei Shatalov

    Adviser to the Director, Financial Research Institute of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation

  • Alexei Shavenzov

    Alexei Shavenzov

    Director for Government Relations, Johnson & Johnson Russia

  • Maria Shelamova

    Maria Shelamova


  • Olga Shetinkina

    Olga Shetinkina

    Minister of Education and Youth Policy of Ryazan Region

  • Pavel Shevtsov

    Pavel Shevtsov

    Deputy Head, Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad, and International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo)

  • Alexei Shevtsov

    Alexei Shevtsov

    Managing Director, Head Of Blockchain Operations Department, Vnesheconombank

  • Natalya Shilova

    Natalya Shilova

    Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Arkhangelsk Region

  • Vladimir Shipkov

    Vladimir Shipkov

    Executive Director, AIPM

  • Alexey Shipov

    Alexey Shipov

    Director, Center for Change Management, Graduate School of Public Administration, RANEPA

  • Savva Shipov

    Savva Shipov

    Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

  • Galina Shirokova

    Galina Shirokova

    Head, Russian Team in GUESSS international project, Professor of Higher School of Management, Saint Petersburg State University

  • Irina Shitkina

    Irina Shitkina

    Managing Partner, Shitkina & Partners, Independent Director of TransContainer PJSC, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Elinar Holding Company OJSC

  • Maria Shklyaruk

    Maria Shklyaruk

    Scientific Director, Chief Digital Transformation Officer program, Graduate School of Public Administration, RANEPA

  • Evgeny Shlyakhto

    Evgeny Shlyakhto

    Director General, Almazov National Medical Research Centre of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

  • Oksana Shmaliy

    Oksana Shmaliy

    Head, Department of Administration and Information Law, Professor of the Institute of Law and National Security, RANEPA

  • Alexander Shokhin

    Alexander Shokhin

    President, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs

  • Evgeniya Shokhina

    Evgeniya Shokhina

    Director, Social Projects Support Fund

  • Vyacheslav Shoptenko

    Vyacheslav Shoptenko

    Director, Institute of Organizational Development and Strategic Initiatives, RANEPA; Project Leader, “Manage!” student project

  • Ekaterina Shugrina

    Ekaterina Shugrina

    Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Administration and Regional Development, RANEPA

  • Denis Shulakov

    Denis Shulakov

    First Vice-President, Gazprombank

  • Sergey Shulgin

    Sergey Shulgin

    Deputy Head, International Laboratory of Demography and Human Capital, RANEPA

  • Ekaterina Shulman

    Ekaterina Shulman

    Political analyst, Associate Professor, RANEPA

  • Elena Shustova

    Elena Shustova

    Head, Department of Enterprise Statistics, Rosstat

  • Igor Shuvalov

    Igor Shuvalov

    Chairman of Vnesheconombank

  • Mikhail Shvydkoy

    Mikhail Shvydkoy

    Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for International Cultural Cooperation

  • Elina Sidorenko

    Elina Sidorenko

    Professor, Chair of Criminal Law, Criminal Proceeding and Criminalistics Department, MGIMO-University

  • Vladimir Sidorovich

    Vladimir Sidorovich

    Director, New Energy LLC

  • Anton Siluanov

    Anton Siluanov

    First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation – Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation

  • Yury Simachev

    Yury Simachev

    Director for Economic Policy, National Research University Higher School of Economics

  • Thomas Simpson

    Thomas Simpson

    Visiting professor, University of North Carolina Wilmington

  • Sergey Sinelnikov-Murylev

    Sergey Sinelnikov-Murylev

    Rector, Russian Foreign Trade Academy

  • Natalya Sinyagina

    Natalya Sinyagina

    Head of Research Sector, Laboratory for Diagnostics and Assessment of Managers, RANEPA; Project Manager, Personality Formation Journal

  • Igor Sinyatkin

    Igor Sinyatkin

    Director, CampusFrance Office in Moscow

  • Veronika Skvortsova

    Veronika Skvortsova

    Minister of Health of the Russian Federation

  • Yuliana Slascheva

    Yuliana Slascheva

    Chairman of the Management Board, Soyuzmultfilm

  • Andrey Slepnev

    Andrey Slepnev

    Director General, Russian Export Center JSC

  • Yuri Slezkine

    Yuri Slezkine

    Jane K. Sather Professor of History, University of California, Berkeley

  • Mikhail Sluch

    Mikhail Sluch

    Director, School №57

  • Marina Slutskaya

    Marina Slutskaya

    Adviser to the Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

  • Sergey Sobyanin

    Sergey Sobyanin

    Mayor of Moscow, Chairman of the State Council working group for May’s Presidential Executive Order implementation

  • Moermahadi Soerja Djanegara

    Moermahadi Soerja Djanegara

    Chairman of the Audit Board of Indonesia

  • Alexei Sokolov

    Alexei Sokolov

    Deputy Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation

  • Artem Sokolov

    Artem Sokolov

    President of AITC

  • Oleg Solntsev

    Oleg Solntsev

    Head, Center for Monetary Policy and Banking Sector Analysis, Center for Macroeconomic Analysis and Short-Term Forecasting

  • Ekaterina Solntseva

    Ekaterina Solntseva

    Director, Digital Rosatom, State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom

  • Yevgeny Solomatin

    Yevgeny Solomatin

    Development Director, Minnova LLC

  • Nikolai Solomon

    Nikolai Solomon

    Director General, Federal Center of Competences in Labor Efficiency

  • Vladimir Soloviev

    Vladimir Soloviev

    Founder and Managing Partner, EVERYCO; business coach

  • Andrei Soroko

    Andrei Soroko

    Director, Department of Civil Service and Personnel, Government of the Russian Federation

  • Denis Sotin

    Denis Sotin

    Member of the Board, CIO, Rosbank

  • Andrey Spartak

    Andrey Spartak

    Director, All-Russian Science and Research Market Institute OJSC; Correspondent Member, the Russian Academy of Sciences

  • Andrey Spiridonov

    Andrey Spiridonov

    Acting Director, Department on the formation of “Open Government” system, Government of the Russian Federation

  • Natalia Stapran

    Natalia Stapran

    Director of the Department for Multilateral Economic Cooperation and Special Projects, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

  • Roman Starovoit

    Roman Starovoit

    Acting Governor of Kursk Region

  • Wolf Stelzner

    Wolf Stelzner

    Professor of Psychology, University of Potsdam (Germany)

  • Dmitry Stepanov

    Dmitry Stepanov

    Partner, Egorov Puginsky Afanasiev & Partners Law Firm

  • Pavel Stepanov

    Pavel Stepanov

    Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation

  • Dushan Stoyankich

    Dushan Stoyankich

    Director General, Coca-Cola in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia

  • Elena Stoyanova

    Elena Stoyanova

    Deputy Director, Department of Europe, North America and International Organizations, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

  • John Style

    John Style

    Vice-Rector for Internationalization, Rovira i Virgili University

  • Vitaliy Survillo

    Vitaliy Survillo

    Vice President, Business Russia All Russia Public Organization

  • Dmitri Svatkovskiy

    Dmitri Svatkovskiy

    Member, State Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes

  • Andrey Svinarenko

    Andrey Svinarenko

    CEO, Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs

  • Alexey Svishchev

    Alexey Svishchev

    Deputy Dean, Institute of Business Studies, RANEPA