GF 2017 Experts

  • Jeffrey Sachs

    Jeffrey Sachs

    Special Adviser to the Secretary-General of the UN; Director, Earth Institute, Columbia University (2002-2016)

  • Viktor Sadovnichy

    Viktor Sadovnichy

    Rector, Lomonosov Moscow State University

  • Vladlen Safiulin

    Vladlen Safiulin

    Department Director, Moscow Direction of Cultural Centers

  • Oleg Safonov

    Oleg Safonov

    Head, Federal Agency for Tourism

  • Vladimir Salamatov

    Vladimir Salamatov

    Director General, Research Center “International Trade and Integration”

  • Ivette Salib

    Ivette Salib

    General Manager, Russia & CIS, Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Care Companies

  • Vladimir Salnikov

    Vladimir Salnikov

    Deputy Director General, Center for Macroeconomic Analysis and Short-Term Forecasting

  • Alla Samoletova

    Alla Samoletova

    Chief of Staff, Rector’s Office, European University at St. Petersburg

  • Mehdi Sanai

    Mehdi Sanai

    Ambassador of the Republic of Iran

  • Alina Sanakoeva

    Alina Sanakoeva

    Junior Research Fellow, Institute of Applied Economic Research (IAER), RANEPA

  • Tigran Sargsyan

    Tigran Sargsyan

    Chairman of the Board, Eurasian Economic Commission

  • Georgy Satarovo

    Georgy Satarovo

    Professor, RANEPA

  • Yevgeny Savchenko

    Yevgeny Savchenko

    Governor, Belgorod Region

  • Dmitry Savelyev

    Dmitry Savelyev

    Vice Chairman, Committee for Financial Markets, the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

  • Larisa Savina

    Larisa Savina

    Chairman, the Board of Education and Science, Volgograd Region

  • Alexey Sazanov

    Alexey Sazanov

    Director, Tax and Customs Policy Department, Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation

  • Valery Schapov

    Valery Schapov

    President, Mars Incorporated Russia

  • Serghei Scherbov

    Serghei Scherbov

    Head, International Laboratory for Demography and Human Capital, RANEPA; Deputy Director, World Population Program, IIASA

  • Andreas Schleicher

    Andreas Schleicher

    Director for Education and Skills at OECD

  • Guido Schmidt-Traub

    Guido Schmidt-Traub

    Executive Director, the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN)

  • Koen Schoors

    Koen Schoors

    Professor, University of Ghent

  • Alexander Sedov

    Alexander Sedov

    Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Industry, Science and New Technologies of the Republic of Mordovia

  • Ashot Seferyan

    Ashot Seferyan

    Director, Executive MBA Program, Institute of Business Studies, RANEPA

  • Pavel Seleznev

    Pavel Seleznev

    Chairman, Executive Board, PPP Development Center; Member, Supervisory Board, Federal Center of Project Financing

  • Roza Semenova

    Roza Semenova

    Project Supervisor, Association of Innovative Regions of Russia

  • Dmitry Semyachkin

    Dmitry Semyachkin

    Founder and Head, Open Electronic Library “CiberLeninka”

  • Sergey Serebryannikov

    Sergey Serebryannikov

    Dean, Faculty of Engineering Management, RANEPA

  • Mikhail Sergeev

    Mikhail Sergeev

    Development Director, “CiberLeninka”

  • Evgenia Serova

    Evgenia Serova

    Head, Moscow Office, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) for the Russian Federation

  • Robert Service

    Robert Service

    Emeritus Professor of Russian History, St Antony’s College, University of Oxford; Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University

  • Nikolay Shaburov

    Nikolay Shaburov

    Director, Center for the Study of Religion, Russian State University for the Humanities

  • Artem Shadrin

    Artem Shadrin

    Director, Department for Strategic Development and Innovations, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

  • Natalia Shagayda

    Natalia Shagayda

    Director, Center for Agricultural and Food Policy, RANEPA

  • Midkhat Shagiakhmetov

    Midkhat Shagiakhmetov

    Deputy Chief of the Volga-Vyatka Main Branch, Bank of Russia; Manager of the Branch - National Bank of the Republic of Tatarstan

  • Vladimir Shamakhov

    Vladimir Shamakhov

    Director, North-West Institute of Management, RANEPA

  • Mikhail Shapiro

    Mikhail Shapiro

    General Manager, Danfoss LLC

  • Aleksey Shapligin

    Aleksey Shapligin

    Head, National University Rating Project, Interfax

  • Ekaterina Shapochka

    Ekaterina Shapochka

    Member, Expert Council under the Government of the Russian Federation; Executive Director, FORUM Analytical Center

  • Aleksey Shaposhnikov

    Aleksey Shaposhnikov

    Chairman, Moscow City Duma

  • Andrey Sharonov

    Andrey Sharonov

    President, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

  • Dmitriy Sharonov

    Dmitriy Sharonov

    Deputy Prime Minister of the Government, the Republic of Bashkortostan

  • Andrey Sharov

    Andrey Sharov

    Vice President, Sberbank of Russia

  • Vladimir Sharov

    Vladimir Sharov

    President, Association of Domestic and Inbound Tourism in Russia

  • Andrey Shastitko

    Andrey Shastitko

    Director, Centre for Research on Competition and Economic Regulations, RANEPA

  • Aleksey Shchedrov

    Aleksey Shchedrov

    Head, Department of Innovation and Industrial Policy, Lipetsk Region

  • Boris Shcherbakov

    Boris Shcherbakov

    General Manager, Dell Russia

  • Ilya Sheburakov

    Ilya Sheburakov

    Dean, Faculty of Evaluation and Development of Senior Executives, RANEPA

  • Dmitri Shepelyaviy

    Dmitri Shepelyaviy

    Deputy General Director, SAP in the CIS

  • Maxim Shereykin

    Maxim Shereykin

    General Director, the Agency for Technological Development

  • Vladislav Shershulsky

    Vladislav Shershulsky

    Director, Technology Cooperation, Microsoft

  • Oleg Shibanov

    Oleg Shibanov

    Professor, the Russian Economic School

  • Pavel Shinskiy

    Pavel Shinskiy

    General Director, the Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • Alexey Shipov

    Alexey Shipov

    Member, ACIG SC; Partner, Alliance Consulting JSC

  • Savva Shipov

    Savva Shipov

    Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

  • Alexander Shirov

    Alexander Shirov

    Deputy Director, Institute of Economic Forecasting, Russian Academy of Sciences

  • Maria Shklyaruk

    Maria Shklyaruk

    Head of the Institutions and Society, Centre for Social Research Foundation

  • Evgeny Shlyakhto

    Evgeny Shlyakhto

    Director General, Federal Almazov North-West Medical Research Center

  • Mikhail Shmakov

    Mikhail Shmakov

    Chairman, the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia

  • Dmitry Shmonin

    Dmitry Shmonin

    Vice-Rector, Science, Saints Cyril and Methodius All-Church Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies

  • Alexander Shokhin

    Alexander Shokhin

    President, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs

  • Sergey Shpilko

    Sergey Shpilko

    President, Russian Union of Tourism Industry

  • Dmitri Shtykhno

    Dmitri Shtykhno

    Vice-Rector, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

  • Andrey Shubin

    Andrey Shubin

    Executive Director, All-Russian Organization of Small- and Medium-Sized Entrepreneurship “Opora Rossii”

  • Catherine Shugrina

    Catherine Shugrina

    Director, Center for Support and Maintenance of Local Self-Government, RANEPA

  • Sergey Shulgin

    Sergey Shulgin

    Deputy Head, the International Laboratory of Demography and Human Capital, RANEPA

  • Igor Shuvalov

    Igor Shuvalov

    First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

  • Sergey Shvetsov

    Sergey Shvetsov

    First Deputy Chairman, Bank of Russia

  • Anton Siluanov

    Anton Siluanov

    Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation

  • Andrei Simonov

    Andrei Simonov

    Scientific Supervisor, International Laboratory for Empirical Research on Financial Markets, RANEPA

  • Sergey Sinelnikov-Murylev

    Sergey Sinelnikov-Murylev

    Rector, Russian Foreign Trade Academy

  • Yuri Sinyagin

    Yuri Sinyagin

    Deputy Director, Graduate School of Public Administration, RANEPA

  • Alexei Sitnikov

    Alexei Sitnikov

    Vice President, Management and Development, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skolkovo Tech)

  • Alexey Skalaban

    Alexey Skalaban

    Director, Scientific Library, Belarusian National Technical University

  • Olga Skorobogatova

    Olga Skorobogatova

    Deputy Governor, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

  • Maksim Skorokhodov

    Maksim Skorokhodov

    Director of Audit and IFRS, ACIG Group of Companies

  • Janez Škrabec

    Janez Škrabec

    CEO, Riko

  • Veronika Skvortsova

    Veronika Skvortsova

    Minister of Healthcare of the Russian Federation

  • Andrey Slepnev

    Andrey Slepnev

    Deputy Chief, Government Staff of the Russian Federation; Director, Department of Project Activities, Government of the Russian Federation

  • Alexander Smekalin

    Alexander Smekalin

    Chairman, the Government of Ulyanovsk region

  • Irina Smirnova

    Irina Smirnova

    Deputy Chairperson of the Government, Moscow Region

  • Daria Snitko

    Daria Snitko

    Deputy Head, Center for Economic Forecasting, Gazprombank

  • Aleksandr Sobolev

    Aleksandr Sobolev

    Director, Department for State Politics in the Sphere of Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation

  • Elena Soboleva

    Elena Soboleva

    Director of Educational Projects and Programmes of Infrastructural and Educational Programmes Foundation, ROSNANO

  • Artem Sokolov

    Artem Sokolov

    Executive Director, Association of Internet Trade Companies (AITC) NPO

  • Maksim Sokolov

    Maksim Sokolov

    Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation

  • Oleg Solntsev

    Oleg Solntsev

    Head, Monetary Policy and Banking Sector Analysis, Center for Macroeconomic Analysis and Short-Term Forecasting

  • Vladimir Solovyev

    Vladimir Solovyev

    Head, Department of Data Analysis, Decision-Making and Financial Technologies, Financial University

  • Vladimir Solovyov

    Vladimir Solovyov

    Managing Partner, Consultant, EVERYCO Group

  • Yermolai Solzhenitsyn

    Yermolai Solzhenitsyn

    Managing Partner, Moscow Office of McKinsey & Company

  • Michael Sonkin

    Michael Sonkin

    Deputy Governor of the Tomsk region on scientific and educational complex and innovative policy

  • Roman Sorokin

    Roman Sorokin

    Deputy Head, National Technology Initiative Support Department

  • Andrei Soroko

    Andrei Soroko

    Director, Department of Public Administration and Personnel, the Government of the Russian Federation

  • Vladimir Spiridonov

    Vladimir Spiridonov

    Head, Cognitive Psychology Laboratory, RANEPA

  • Natalia Stapran

    Natalia Stapran

    Director, Russian APEC Study Center, RANEPA

  • Irina Starodubrovskaya

    Irina Starodubrovskaya

    Director, Center for Political Economy and Regional Development, Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy

  • Roman Starovoyt

    Roman Starovoyt

    Head, Federal Road Agency

  • Vsevolod Stepanitsky

    Vsevolod Stepanitsky

    Deputy Director of the Department of Policy and Regulation of Nature Conservation, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation

  • Wolfgang Streeck

    Wolfgang Streeck

    Emeritus Director, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies

  • Nikolay Strekozov

    Nikolay Strekozov

    Deputy Director, All-Russia Research Institute for Animal Husbandry Named after Academy Member L.K. Ernst

  • Sergey Strelbitsky

    Sergey Strelbitsky

    Minister of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic of Crimea

  • Alexander Surinov

    Alexander Surinov

    Head, Federal Service for State Statistics

  • Andrey Suvorov

    Andrey Suvorov

    Head, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Global Markets, Kaspersky Lab

  • Andrey Svinarenko

    Andrey Svinarenko

    CEO, the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs, RUSNANO JSC

  • Aleksandr Svistunov

    Aleksandr Svistunov

    Director, Department for Economic Development, Kostroma Region